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Pokémon Go Tour Johto: Event and ticket details

Head back to Pokémon Gold and Silver’s Johto region in this Pokémon Go event

Updated: Jan 5, 2022 3:21 pm
Pokémon Go Tour 2022 Johto ticket details exclusive shiny

Pokémon Go tour Johto is the next event coming to the game, this time celebrating the Johto region and all the Pokémon originally discovered there.

The Pokémon Go Tour events started with the Kanto region with a ticketed event in February 2021. Almost exactly a year later, we are getting the second event in the series, with Pokémon Go Tour: Johto taking place this February, 2022. For one day only, Pokémon Go will be filled with Johto-exclusive Pokémon in the wild, hatching from eggs and appearing in raids, with a whole bunch of additional bonuses as well. Let’s take a look at everything we can expect to see during Pokémon Go Tour: Johto.

What is the Pokémon Go Tour 2022?

Pokémon Go Tour 2022 Johto ticket details exclusive shiny

The Pokémon Go Tour is a one-day event focussing on a specific Pokémon region and the Pokémon originally discovered there. The second Pokémon Go Tour event will be themed around Johto, the main region in 1999’s Pokémon Gold and Silver. All players will be able to make the most of some event features during the day-long event, but to experience all of the day’s bonuses, Trainers will need to purchase a ticket. If you’re a fan of the original IP, then this Pokemon Go Tour Johto may be a great experience for you.

Pokémon Go Tour: Johto ticket details

Tickets can be purchased in-game now from the Pokémon Go shop, and will cost trainers $11.99/£10.99 (or the equivalent in your currency. Nearer the event date, you will need to choose whether you wish to play the Gold version or the Silver version, as – just like in the original games – you will encounter version-exclusive Pokémon depending on your choice. And choose wisely, as you won’t be able to change your version once selected.

Not only will the ticket provide trainers with full access to Pokémon Go Tour: Johto bonuses on the day, but ticket holders may also obtain an exclusive Timed Research in January and February, depending on when the ticket is purchased. If you purchase a Go Tour ticket prior to January 10th, 2022, you will receive access to the January and February Timed Research. However, purchasing a ticket between January 10th and February 10th, 2022, will only earn you access to the February Timed Research.

Pokémon Gold and Silver exclusives

Pokemon Gold and Silver version-exclusives

The difference between the two Pokemon Go Tour Johto versions is the different Pokémon that will be attracted to incense during the day’s event. Like the original games, some Pokémon will exclusively appear for those on Gold, and the other for those on Silver. The version-exclusive Pokémon that don’t appear for you will only be obtainable by trading, so you will need to make sure you have friends on the opposite version in order to complete the Pokémon Go Tour Collection Challenge.

Rather excitingly, you will also have a greater chance of finding shiny versions of certain Pokémon depending on your chosen version, so if there’s a particular shiny you’re desperate for, make sure you choose correctly!

Attracted to IncenseSpinarak
Increased Shiny chanceSpinarak

Also, there is an increased chance of finding shiny variants of Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and Hoppip regardless of which version you choose.

Pokémon Go Tour: Johto bonuses

Pokemon Go Tour Johto Celebi

Ticketed features

Trainers with tickets for the event will receive access to an event-exclusive Special Research, the completion of which will result in an encounter with Mythical Pokémon Celebi. If the research is completed on the day, and the reward Celebi is also caught on the day, it will know an event-exclusive move.

Following the completion of the Celebi Special Research, you will unlock the Masterwork research story, which will test your skills and knowledge as a Pokémon Trainer over a longer period of time.

Every single Pokémon from Gen 2 will be available in Pokémon Go in their shiny form, some for the first time. This also includes the Johto Tour versions of Unown (G, O, T, U, R, J), which may appear when you use incense.

A total of nine new hourly Collection Challenges will be available for ticket holders. As mentioned, in order to earn all of the Collector Badges and rewards, you may need to trade with friends for some version-exclusive Pokémon.

Other ticket-holder bonuses

  • Egg hatch distance will be reduced to 25% of the usual requirement
  • Double the Candy earned from hatching eggs
  • Extra Candy from catching Johto-specific Pokémon
  • Up to nine free Raid Passes from spinning Gym Photo Discs
  • Surprise encounters with snapshots
  • Event-exclusive stickers from Pokéstops and via the in-game shop
  • An event-exclusive medal to commemorate your attendance

Non-ticketed features

Pokémon Go Tour Smeargle snapshot encounters

Even if you don’t want to purchase a full ticket for the event, you can still take part in Pokémon Go Tour: Johto, with Johto-themed Pokémon appearing in the wild. Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region will also be appearing in raids and hatching from 7km eggs.

You may also see Pokémon that are usually region-exclusive appearing in raids worldwide. Baby Pokémon Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff and Togepi will all be appearing in 2km eggs during the event, and everyone will also get access to the Timed Research event, Johto Battle League.

All players, including those without an event ticket, will also have a chance of encountering shiny Smeargle in snapshots, and will be able to evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon without walking them first. In addition, all players will be able to Special trade up to six times a day. There will also be new in-game music – Johto Arrangement, and confetti will appear on the map to mark the special day.

Which Pokémon will be appearing during Pokémon Go Tour: Johto?


All Gen 2 Pokémon, including Unown, will be available either in the wild, in raids, in research task encounters, through evolution or hatching from eggs during the event, with the exception of those in the opposing version to that which you have chosen. Celebi will only be available through the Special Research. Version-exclusive Pokémon from either version will not appear for those without a ticket.

New Pokémon Go Tour: Johto shiny Pokémon

Since all Johto Pokémon are going to be available in their shiny forms during the event, some shiny variants are being released into the Pokémon Go for the first time. Here’s a list of all Pokémon whose shiny forms will be available for the first time during Pokémon Go Tour: Johto.

  • Slugma
  • Magcargo
  • Hoppip
  • Skiploom
  • Jumpluff
  • Remoraid
  • Octillery
  • Girafarig
  • Tyrogue
  • Hitmontop
  • Phanpy
  • Donphan
  • Mantine
  • Corsola

When is Pokémon Go Tour: Johto?

Pokémon Go Tour: Johto is taking place on February 26th, 2022. It will take place during the day wherever you are, so will be taking place at different times across the globe. No matter where you are, Pokémon Go Tour: Johto will take place between 9 am and 9 pm, local time.

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