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How to increase buddy level in Pokemon Go

Here's how to increase your buddy level in Pokemon Go, to quickly become Best Buddies with your favourite Pokemon.

Updated: Dec 2, 2021 3:39 pm
Pokemon go increase buddy level

So you’re wondering how to increase your buddy level in Pokemon Go? Well you’re in luck, we’ve gone deep into figuring out the best way to get your buddy to Best Buddy!

Similarly to your friends in Pokemon Go, having an increased level of friendship grants both of you bonuses and benefits. Well that also goes for your Pokemon buddies, as the higher your buddy level, the more goodies you can get from them.

Buddy LevelBonuses
Good BuddyReadable Buddy mood
Pokémon follows you on the map
Great BuddyYour buddy may assist you in catching Pokémon
Buddy will give you presents, which contain items that can help you in regular gameplay
Ultra BuddyYour Buddy can Find Locations (PokéStops) that will grant extra items when spun
Your Buddy will bring you Souvenirs, which are collectable vanity items
Best BuddyYour buddy will sport a Best Buddy Ribbon to show off to everyone
Your Best Buddy will get a CP boost in combat

But to increase your buddy level, you’ll need to accrue a number of hearts. Each buddy level will require you amassing a different number of hearts. These are follow:

Buddy LevelAffection Hearts Needed
Good Buddy❤️ x1
Great Buddy❤️ x70
Ultra Buddy❤️ x150
Best Buddy❤️ x300

Where can you see these hearts? Well on your buddy profile!

Pokemon buddy
My very own Salamence! My first perfect stat Pokemon I got after 4 years of playing!

Pokemon Buddies and Hearts

As you can see, you can gain a total of 12 hearts per day. Unless you use a Poffin, in which case you can get double as many hearts a day. This is how you gain heart, you walk together, give you buddy a treat, play together, battle together, take a snapshot or visit a new place. Little by little, you’ll get more and more hearts until you become Best Buddies and reap the benefits that come with it.

So, yes it is a slow and arduous process. One that won’t be quick, but at the very least if you crack on now, you’ll soon enough get to be Best Buddies.

But for a more intricate and challenging way to rank up your Buddies, you can check out The Trainer Club’s video here, where he covers it better and how you can fully utilise the Buddy system.

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