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How to increase friendship in Pokemon Go

Increasing your friendship in Pokemon Go is beneficial for all parties involved, so here's the easiest and best ways to!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021 2:46 pm
How to increase friendship in Pokemon Go

So you’ve added your friends to Pokemon Go but disappointed about your low friendship score. So how do you increase your friendship in Pokemon, you might be asking yourself. Well we’ll go through it in this article and why having a higher rating is better and how it can benefit both of you!

Increasing your friendship level with your pals isn’t just for show. Instead, you will get awarded XP, you’ll get a discount to trades, in battles together, you’ll get attack damage, and you’ll also get extra raid balls if you fought together.

Here’s a brief overview on what you can get, what levels of friendship there are and what the benefits are.

LevelDays to becomeXPTrade DiscountAttack Damage Extra Raid Balls
Good Friend13,0000%3%+ 0
Great Friend 710,00020%5%+ 1
Ultra Friend 3050,00092%7%+ 2
Best Friend 90100,00096%10%+ 4

So now the question is: how can I increase my friendship levels? Well let’s go through the different ways you can.

Best way to increase friendship levels

Increasing your friendship levels is a time consuming thing. Especially when you’re not actively doing it. Getting your friend up to Best Friend or just Ultra can take a lot longer than you’d like if you’re not actively trying. However, there are three main ways to quickly increase this process:

Giving and receiving gifts

If you send a gift to each other and open it every day, you’re increasing your friendship growth ever so slightly. Doing so regularly, where you give and receive a gift every single day, you’ll soon be up to Ultra friends in a matter of 30 days. But you’ll need to make sure you have enough gifts to give, so stock up or be sure to collect one from a nearby Pokestop once a day.

Trainer Battles

Quicker and a little more reliable than the gifts (it doesn’t involve you needing a gift on hand) are trainer battles. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, just have multiple trainer battles. You can do it at least once a day and you’ll reduce your time to become ultra friends from 30 days to 15. All the while you rack up prizes and prepare for your battle in the league!

Battle in Raids and Gyms

The fastest way to increase your friendship is to go on gym battles and raids together. This also works in bulk, so if you’re wanting to increase your friendship with multiple people at once, get yourself a little squad and take on the gyms.

If you do all three of these once a day, you’ll be Ultra Friends in no time. So if you’re wanting to quickly increase your friendship, take some time out of the day to remind yourself to gift your friend, battle them and then taken on a gym or raid together!

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