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The special box in Pokémon Go – Niantic’s birthday box

Even if you missed the special box, you can look forward to the next upcoming special boxes.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:33 pm
The special box in Pokémon Go – Niantic’s birthday box

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The Niantic birthday box is a free box given to all Pokémon Go players on the day of the game’s birthday, October 6th.

Every year, on October 6th, Niantic celebrate Pokémon Go’s birthday by giving all players a free special box. This box can only be collected between 11:00AM local time to 5:00PM from the in-game shop.

pokemon go niantic birthday free special box

This limited time means it’s quite hard to make sure you get the box in time. But if you did miss the chance for one, don’t worry you can get it next year. Niantic often release either free or special boxes that contain a variety of items.

Birthday special box

This year’s anniversary box contained:

  • 50 Poké Balls
  • 1 Charged TM
  • 1 Fast TM
  • 1 Lucky Egg

October Community day box

The upcoming October community day will feature Duskull and also offer a special community day box. During this day, players will be able to catch plenty of Duskull and evolve them into Dusknoirs quite easily. For 1,280 PokeCoins, you can get the community day box which could help in your ghost-hunting.

community day box
This is not the official box, but it’s very likely to be.

There will be more boxes in the future, usually they accompany events or the special seasons. Much like the Season of Mischief which features its monthly 1 event coin box. After the Season of Mischief is over, we’ll be coming around the Holiday season. Which will no doubt also feature special boxes. The holiday boxes are usually split up between Bronze, Silver and Gold. And if we go by last year’s trend, we can expect:

Bronze (460 coins):

100×Poké Ball

Lure Module

Silver (980 coins):


Lucky Egg

Lure Module

Gold (2,480):

50×Great Ball


25×Lucky Egg

16×Lure Module

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