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Redeem Pokémon Go code now for new avatar items

The Ed Sheeran event is live now, and with it comes with some free in-game goodies

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:18 pm
Pokémon go promo code sweatshirt

Ed Sheeran follows in the footsteps of the likes of Katy Perry and Post Malone to join forces with The Pokémon Company. In a first, though, Sheeran has his own dedicated event, which is taking place in Pokémon Go right now.

While the event is going on, between November 22nd and November 30th, 2021, there will be a free Event box available in the in-game store. This can only be redeemed once per trainer and does not require a promo code to redeem. If you’ve not already grabbed it, it might be worth doing so as it contains some Pokémon Go essentials; a Lure Module, 20 Pokéballs, 10 Razz Berries and 10 Pinap Berries.

There is also a Sweatshirt avatar item featuring the logo for Sheeran’s new album ‘=’, the same hoodie Ed himself is wearing in the promotional performance that you can access through the in-game News. If you’re a fan, then definitely make sure you redeem this code before it’s too late. Make sure you’re matching your Pokémon Go avatar to Ed Sheeran, and even yourself, as t-shirt and hoodie versions are available for real on Ed Sheeran’s merch site (UK/US/EU).

Ed Sheeran Pokémon Go redeem promo code

Pokémon Go redeem codes

The code for redemption for the Ed Sheeran ‘=’ Sweatshirt is VVM87WGMMUZHTB8X, and will only be available until the end of the event on November 30th.

Other promo codes still available in Pokémon Go as of November 24th, 2021 are as follows, but depend on your global location as to whether you are able to redeem them.

E9K4SY77F5623Ten Pokéballs
KUAXZBJUTP3B7Samsung branded avatar items
LRQEV2VZ59UDAVerizon branded avatar items

How to redeem Pokémon Go promo codes

If you are on android, you can redeem in Pokémon Go by going to the in-game store, scrolling to the bottom and entering the code in the Promo Codes section.

To redeem via web browser, head to the Niantic Offer Redemption page, and log in to the Pokémon Trainer account associated with your Pokémon Go profile. You’ll then be asked to enter the code(s) you wish to redeem in-game.

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