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What are PUBG’s new tutorial modes?

As PUBG goes free-to-play, new tutorials have been brought in for players new and old

Updated: Jan 12, 2022 4:42 pm
PUBG free-to-play tutorial modes

Two tutorials have been added to PUBG as part of the new move to free-to-play. Expecting an influx of new players – as well as a lot of returning players thanks to improved lobby wait times – the PUBG Corporation has added Basic Training and AI Training Match modes.

PUBG free-to-play — What is Basic Training Mode?

What is PUBG Basic Training Mode?

Basic Training Mode will be the first training mode players can access in PUBG, and it will need to be completed at least once by both new and returning players in order to take on an AI Training Match. Perfect for brand-new Survivors, Basic Training Mode will take players through five essential gameplay stages:

  • Character movement and controls
  • Looting guns and shooting them
  • Looting throwables and, well, throwing them
  • Healing
  • Reviving a downed teammate

Once you have completed this mode once, you can keep coming back to get in more training as needed by accessing Basic Training through the Training tab.

PUBG free-to-play — What is an AI Training Match?

what is PUBG AI training match
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Tutorial 2 is the AI Training Match, and you better hope you paid attention in the Basic Training, because it’s straight into the lion’s den with an AI Training Match. To give you a feel of a real Battle Royale match, players will be thrown into battle in the Erangel map against 99 bots.

During each stage of the fight, you will be given advice in a pop-up in the top left-hand corner of the screen, guiding you through the flow of a normal Battle Royale match. This makes it an ideal aid for beginners, but can also help current or returning players develop new strategies.

While players can return to Basic Training again and again, there is a ten-match limit for AI Training Matches. A match will count if the player lasts longer than a set duration. In order to “complete” the AI Training Match mode, players must either complete all ten matches, or complete all missions. AI Training Match Missions can be found in the System Menu, and you can still play all ten matches, even if you complete the missions in less.

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