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PUBG: Watch Neymar Jr. take on PUBG partners during the Deston Rise Event

Watch Neymar Jr. as he shows off his skills in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

Updated: Aug 2, 2022 8:41 pm
Neymar JR PUBG

Neymar Jr, is a world class footballer who plays on the wing for PSG and Brazil. However, when he isn’t turning defenders inside out, he is partial to a bit of PUBG. 

He has been an official ambassador for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS since July and on the 3rd of August we will get to see him take part in the ‘Deston Rise” livestream event.

Deston Rise Livestream Event

The event will be live-streamed on the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Twitch account at 5:30pm BST until 7:00pm BST.

Neymar Jr. will be participating in the event with his squad and they will be going head-to-head with PUBG Partners, on the new Deston map. 

On top of the live streaming event we will also see Neymar Jr. take part in real world events too which will have influence on the rules of Deston Rise’s challenges.

During the event Neymar Jr. and his squad will take part in two challenges. The first challenge will be “Neymar Jr.’s Squad versus Everyone: Lodge Defense”. This will be for two matches. 

These will include what items Neymar Jr. can use as well what items and gear other squads can use during the challenges.

The other challenge –  for only one match –  will be “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS BR Match”. 

Neymar Jr. PUBG Challenges

During these challenges, Neymar. Jr will be able to change the tide of the games, using his footballing ability. This will be done through challenges he will do that can offer different perks depending on the game mode. 

In “Neymar Jr.’s Squad versus Everyone: Lodge Defense” Neymar Jr. will be able to dictate what weapons and items are spawned during the match. The way Neymar Jr. will influence the  “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS BR Match” will differ. 

In this game Neymar Jr. will be able to handicap the opposition, taking certain items and weapons out of commision. 

The livestream will also offer opportunities to the viewers to win special rewards and bonuses which will be drawn by Neymar Jr. himself. If you’re a fan of both Neymar Jr. and PUBG, this is definitely one to check out. 

For more information about the event check out the PUBG website here

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