Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard Patch Notes – Year 6 Season 3

We summarize the major parts of the Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard Patch Notes
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Ubisoft has officially launched the brand new Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard season, releasing an all-new trans-Croatian Operator, features, and other R6 content. We already had an idea of what was coming. However, Ubisoft has published the full Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard patch notes which have gone live on all platforms.

Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Year 6 Season 3 content comes with rather juicy Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard patch notes. The new season features Osa, the new Rainbow Six Siege Operator; more map reworks, new customization options, armor overhaul, balancing, and bug fixes.

Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard Patch Size

  • Ubisoft Connect: 24 GB
  • Steam: 12 GB
  • Xbox One: 20 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 20 GB
  • PS4: 20 GB
  • PS5: 16 GB

Rainbow Six Siege New Operator: Osa

Osa is the new Rainbow Six Siege Operator launching in Operation Crystal Guard. We had a brief tease of Osa back in the Mexico Major, but we now know the full details of Osa’s kit.

  • Primary Weapon: 556xi – Thermite’s Assault Rifle, and the PDW9 – Jackal’s SMG.
  • Secondary Weapon: PMM – Russian Standard pistol found on Operators like Fuze.
  • Gadgets: Smoke Grenade or Claymore.
  • Health – 2 Health.
  • Speed – 2 Speed.

The primary ability allows Osa to place deployable, transparent shields on windows, doors, or floors. You’re best off thinking of this like a Mira window, without the gas canister or reinforced walls. The idea behind Osa’s kit is to allow the attackers some breathing space from potential flanks, uniquely covering angles. You can find clips of her gadget in play in the Osa gameplay trailer below.

Year 6 Season 3 Map Reworks

Ubisoft reworked Bank, Coastline and Clubhouse with the launch of the Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard patch notes. The most notable map rework is Bank, which has been out of the pro map pool for over a year now. You can find the list of each maps changes below.

Bank Rework

Bank has gained less car cover on the street to prevent the annoying main lobby spawn run out from defenders. It is now much easier for the attackers to view the front entrance, so they have a chance to fight back. Meanwhile, the map’s skylights have gotten fewer skylight glass panes to prevent unfair attacker angles. Moreso, Ubisoft has made a new alleyway that connects Side Alley and Boulevard for new attacking routes.

Coastline and Clubhouse Rework

Like Bank, Coastline has gotten new walls to prevent unfair firefights for the natural attacking sided nature of the map. Furthermore, there are now even more naturally blocked windows on Courtyard to prevent more unfair spawn kills.

Over on Clubhouse, the 1F Stock Room bomb has been removed and replaced with a bomb site behind the bar and the stage. It should make that defensive site much more appealing for Defender strategies.

Armor Rework

The weird and awkward armor system is now completely gone. The Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard patch notes detail that all three armor Operators start the game with 125hp, with two armor having 110. If you have a Rook in the game, you should find your health going up to the next bracket or reaching 140 if you start with 125 HP.

Balance Changes

The characters getting the most amount of balance changes include IQ and Twitch. Both attacking electronic attackers have a bit of an identity issue. Ubisoft deems that some balance tweaks are necessary to encourage their pick rate and win rate to improve.

Twitch now spawns controlling a standard drone during the Preparation Phase. If she wants to use her Shock Drone, she can then do so during the Action Phase. It now jumps and fires lasers that destroy opponent devices instead of disabling them, returning Twitch to her old design pre the EMP changes many seasons ago. However, the drone is now slightly bigger, preventing it from fitting through the following drone holes:

  • Kanal – 2F Printer Room
  • Kanal – B1 Bathroom
  • Oregon – 1F Shower Corridor
  • Oregon – 1F Small Tower
  • Border – 1F Bathroom
  • Border – 1F Main Lobby

Meanwhile, IQ’s Electronics Detector now properly functions with the Ping System 2.0. She can easily identify and ping electronic devices through walls using the yellow ping and hud pop up.

This is a summary of all the major changes in the Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard patch notes. You can see the full changes here.