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Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch content unveiled during the Six Major

We have a better idea on the Rainbow Six Extraction roadmap

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:09 pm
Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch content unveiled during the Six Major

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Ubisoft has shown off the new Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch content during the Six Major finals for Siege esports. The game is getting a major content roadmap, which features a variety of free content and timed missions, alongside new and free operators or new enemies to face.

What is the Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch content?

The Rainbow Six extraction roadmap features a variety of content types that you can play. As we already know, Rainbow Six Extraction is a game that relies on coop replayability, with only so many maps, operators and weapons to get the job done. To keep it fresh, it will need modifiers, new missions and events, so on so forth.

One of the regular missions that will keep players interested is the Maelstrom Protocol. The Maelstrom Protocol is a weekly mission that players can try to beat. Depending on how well you do, you can get different tiered rewards, which only the best players will beat consistently. You will encounter a different event each week, with different enemies and criteria. You have to use the tools you have and develop a godly strategy to take the challenge on and get the best score you can get. To do that, you and your team will need to decide on their path. Every checkpoint offers players two options: Extract or push on. Pushing on gets you more points if you survive the next phase. Extracting banks the points you’ve accumulated from the missions and rewards you appropriately.

Moreso, there are Crisis Events and Assignments. Crisis Event is part of the Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch content that is set for limited times. These limited-time events are themed to a variety of things. Not to mention you’ll get a new Operator straight from the Rainbow Six Siege universe. We know there are 18 different operators at launch, so they have enough content to bing into Extraction throughout the years to come. 

So far, we only know the first Crisis Event, titled Spillover. The event allows players to go into special missions, where they take on a themed map. The Sprawl Protean, one of the alien mutants that are the enemy of Extraction, has evolved. You must eradicate the hives they are forming in and make sure they don’t escape.

As for the assignment,s they are light weekly missions you can partake. There is only one known assignment so far,w which adds a hardcore modifier. That means a reduced HUD, less ammo and friendly fire enabled.

If you’re keen on Rainbow Six Extratiocn, the game has got a release date, along with a variety of versions to get. Don’t forget that the Buddy system allows players 14-day trials if one player buys a copy of the game. You can read more about the buddy system here.

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