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Level your Rainbow Six Extraction Operators with these tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to levelling your Rainbow Six Extraction Operators

Updated: Jan 19, 2022 5:19 pm
Level your Rainbow Six Extraction Operators with these tips and tricks

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One of the aspects of Ubisoft’s new Rainbow Six Extraction is a feature that means you’re going to have to spend time grinding your Operators to get better advancement levels to upgrade your character’s weapons, abilities and more. When you get several Operator levels up, you can take on harder difficulties and progress even further through the game. But how exactly do you level your Rainbow Six Extraction Operators? Well, we will teach you how to level Rainbow Six Extraction Operators effectively.

How to level Rainbow Six Extraction Operators fast

Okay, in order to level your Rainbow Six Extraction operators fast, you will need to play the game’s missions. When you play through the game, you will get the opportunity to play different difficulties. Depending on what difficulty you are on, you can get experience modifiers, which will help you to figure out how to level your Rainbow Six Extraction operators for their appropriate content.

As it stands, there are four different Rainbow Six Extraction difficulties, aka threat levels. The Four threat levels are as follows, which all do different bonuses for your XP. Below we have attached a table that helps to explain how much bonus experience you can get for your Rainbow Six Extraction Operators.

DifficultyOperator levelXP rewards
Moderate1+Base XP
Cautious3+50% XP bonus
Severe6+100% XP bonus
Critical8+200% XP bonus

Simply find out what operator you want to play, select the appropriate mission threat level,  and get them the experience they need to level efficiently. This is the most simple time we can give you on how to level your Rainbow SIx Extraction operators.

You can also try and bring an Operator to a higher difficulty mission to really accelerate the process, but that comes with significant risk. Maybe get a friend to boost you on a higher level Operator if that is the case?

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Don’t get greedy

Another tip that will help you level your Rainbow Six Extraction Operators fast is to not overstay your welcome. During your missions, you will have the opportunity to extract early. We strongly advise when the tough gets going, you can back out, unless you are playing a higher level Operator. The reason why is because you risk losing your progress for that character, When a character goes down, you may find that they become MIA, which means you will have to rescue them in another mission. Failing to rescue an Operator will result in your character losing Advancement levels, which means you will progress on that Operator.

To avoid these situations, think clearly about how good you are at the game, your squad is, or how strong your Operator’s build is at the moment. Overestimating your skill, or your character’s current strengths will result in you losing that mission’s progress or worse, a loss of XP.

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Frag more enemies than you need

Whenever you take down an enemy in the game, you will gain experience. If you want to push that little bit extra experience in a mission, then make sure you are clearing out as many enemies as possible. However, don’t go overboard, as you can go down and have to initiate an MIA rescue mission.

Complete your challenges

Every mission has a set of challenges that you can complete which reward extra bonuses. These typically are XP bonuses. We recommend making sure you beat these to grab all that bonus XP where you can. Also, the VR training missions grant extra bonuses for completing them, so that is some free experience that contributes to your account’s progress.

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