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How to unlock Rainbow Six Extraction Operators

Here is a guide on how to unlock Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022 6:02 pm
How to unlock Rainbow Six Extraction Operators

Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest coop shooter to drop, with Ubisoft taking their own spin on the genre with their IP and universe behind Rainbow Six Siege’s lore. In this game, players use Operators from Rainbow Sx Siege, which are now in a task force called R.E.A.C.T. This new agency features both attackers and defenders, which will work together to go into infected areas afflicted with the Parasite and beat objectives.

At the start of the game, players will find themselves with nine operators, with another nine operators locked. If you’re wondering how to unlock Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, then we will guide you through the process. 

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How to unlock Rainbow Six Extraction Operators

The first thing you should know is that Ubisoft locked nine Rainbow Six Extraction operators behind a feature called Development Milestones. Development Milestones are simply ranks, or account levels – if you will. You can make your way through account levels through the progression tab on the game’s main menu.

Several of these account levels allow you to unlock different characters at different stages of the account progressions. Luckily some of them are not that big of a grind, but other Operators will need you to progress further and further through the Milestone Development system before you can get your hands on them. 

The following Rainbow Six Extraction operators unlock at the following Development Milestone ranks.

  • Milestone 5: Rook, IQ, Jaeger – These are the first three operators you can unlock via the Milestone Development progressions system.  You will get these three when you earn the ‘The Backbone’ reward on the progression tab.
  • Milestone 10: Fuze, Smoke, Tachanaka – Earning the ‘The Strong Arm’ reward on the progression tab allows you to get these three Operators.
  • Milestone 17: Capitao, Gridlock, Nomad – You can unlock these three Rainbow Six Extraction Operators via acquiring The Architects reward on the progression tab.

That’s all the information you need to know on how to unlock Rainbow Six Extraction Operators. However, getting your Milestone rank up is an entirely different process. Below you will find a trailer of one of the unlockable Rainbow Six Extraction operators, Jager.

How to increase your Milestone rank in Rainbow Six Extraction

The process of how to increase your milestone rank in Rainbow Six Extraction is to increase your Development Milestone by completing certain feats. Head over to the Progression tab to see your current progress. But, to get to your desired rank to unlock an Operator you want to play will require grinding through each rank.

To find out what level you are at, head over to the progression tab on the main menu. After that, you can see what you need to reach the next Milestone level. In most situations, you will need to earn XP to get to the next rank. For example, the first Milestone needs 15000 XP before you can complete it. Follow the criteria for each milestone and grind your way through the account progression, and you will unlock new Operators and other rewards naturally. Once you reach rank 5, 10 or 17, you will have unlocked new Rainbow Six Extraction Operators.

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We hope you enjoyed this guide. All in all, this is the ultimate method to unlock Rainbow Six Extraction Operators. If you need more tips on the latest game, why not check out our ever-expanding guide section?

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