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eFootball 2023: Review

Can eFootball finally get back to the top of the table?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022 10:41 am
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After eFootball 2023 released on the 25th of August we have now had time to go hands on with the game. Here’s what’s has been improved in the latest update.

What’s new in eFootball 2023?

efootball 2023

eFootball received the regular updates to squads and players, as well as a resets to players Dream Teams. There was nothing major in these updates really.

The biggest changes to the game have been minor tweaks, but they were much needed quality of life improvements. Things like more animations for players helps the game feel more fluid and realistic. 

Defending now feels much better than it did before the update, it’s much more responsive than it ever has been.

Despite the defending feeling as though it has been sped up, shots and crosses feel a lot slower than they used to. Now there is much less pace on the ball, it’s a shame because it has slowed the whole game down.

There’s a chance this is because the players are no longer as highly rated since the update, with specials not coming to Dream Team for a little while.

It is worth noting though all these changes are very minute but they definitely help improve experience. 

It’s still a huge omission that we still don’t have Master League in the game. Until we get this it’s tough for eFootball to feel complete.

New licenses

eFootball licenses

Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, Arsenal and Liga MX are all new additions to the game. I’m a sucker for authenticity and I really appreciate how good the Liga MX matchday looks as you fire up a game.

The new face scans also look good and are another welcome addition to the game. 5 new stadiums have also been added to the game. Sadly the atmosphere in these grounds is still quite lacking.

What’s next?

eFootball does definitely feel better than it did before the update, but it’s such a slow paced football game. Admittedly, football is a slow paced game, but eFootball could do with speeding up a bit just to add some more excitement. In its current form it feels floaty, and light. The game lacks pace, while there is also no crunch in the tackles.

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eFootball 2023 is definitely the best version of the game there has been but it’s still far from perfect. It also takes ages to get into a match. Once you find an opponent you can be waiting for minutes whilst your opponent does their setting. 

efootball 3

This should be done before you start matchmaking, because right now you spend half the time sitting around waiting for the match to begin. 

We know we will get more updates to this free to play game throughout the rest of the year, it’s just a shame we didn’t get more in this latest update from Konami. 

That’s why it is even difficult to treat this as an iteration of a previous game. It isn’t really, it is just the same game with some patch fixes. As it stands there is nothing particularly new or exciting to help eFootball take it up a level. eFootball 2023, is a kit update for eFootball 2022 and quality of life improvements. Hopefully we will see a genuinely big update with major improvements and changes in the future, this just wasn’t it.

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