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Noob Army Tycoon codes for October 2021: free gems, money, and research points

Type in the latest codes into Roblox’ Noob Army Tycoon for bonus gems, money, and research points.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:55 pm
Noob Army Tycoon codes

Noob Army Tycoon is a popular Roblox game that pits players against each other, using money, research points and gems to amass the biggest army of noobs. Obviously you can never have enough of either in this game’s ever-escalating noob-powered arms race. Thankfully we have the latest codes so you can get ahead of your opponents.

Noob Army Tycoon codes (October 2021)

Noob Army Tycoon codesRewards for October 2021
freegunnerskin5,000 money + 3,000 gems
free1070gems1,070 gems
dailyrewards2,500 money + research points + 250 gems
350gems350 gems
600gems600 gems
dailyrewards2,500 money + 2,500 research points + 250 gems
NOOB 5,000 money + 5,000 research points
2G2upS2,000 money + 2,000 research points
7Tp6Mz 2,000 money + 2,000 research points
EQd57f2,000 money + 2,000 research points
Vk3d5E 2,000 money + 2,000 research points
noob2 250 money + 250 research points
lol100 money + 100 research points
🙂100 money + 100 research points
free research points100 research points
1Million Lots of money + research points

How to redeem Noob Army Tycoon codes

  • Start Noob Army Tycoon with Roblox
  • Press the Twitter icon on the right of the screen
  • Enter the code exactly as above
  • Press the icon below the code entry box

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All codes are correct at time of publication.

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