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Super Doomspire codes for October 2021: free stickers and crowns

Type in the latest codes into Super Doomspire for bonus crowns and stickers.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:55 pm
Super Doomspire codes for October 2021: free stickers and crowns

Make sure you have the last tower standing in Super Doomspire, “a classic brickbattle-inspired free-for-all”. By entering the codes listed below, you can amass bonus stickers and crowns to hopefully ensure your tower stays up while those of your opponents come tumbling down around them.

Super Doomspire codes (October 2021)

Super Doomspire codesRewards for October 2021
HOLLYJOLLY 1000 Crowns + Gift Bomb
ITSFREE200 Crowns + Noob, Hmm…, RIP stickers
ADOPTME100 Crowns + Bro, Uhh… K, I’m Baby, Bee Nice stickers
PLEASE50 Crowns
GAYRIGHTS 30 Crowns + Pride sticker
LESBIANRIGHTS 30 Crowns + Lesbian Pride sticker
BIRIGHTS 30 Crowns + Bisexual Pride sticker
TRANSRIGHTS 30 Crowns + Trans Pride sticker
NONBINARYRIGHTS30 Crowns + Nonbinary Pride sticker
PANRIGHTS 30 Crowns + Pansexual Pride sticker
THANKS 10 Crowns
REDRULES Red Leader sticker
YELLOWFROG Yellow King sticker
GREENMAGIC Green Scientist sticker
BLUEBUSINESS Blue Executive sticker
ROBLOXROX Dance Potion sticker
SMUGCAT Smug Cat sticker

How to redeem Noob Army Tycoon codes

  • Start Super Doomspire with Roblox
  • Select the Shop icon on the left side of the screen
  • Select the Codes tab and enter the code exactly as above
  • Press Confirm, then OK when the reward has been issued

Codes for other Roblox games

All codes are correct at time of publication.

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