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Rogue Legacy 2 is finally here, after a successful journey through early access. And this roguelite sequel is so packed with features and mechanics that it can be difficult knowing where to get started. Thankfully, we’re here to provide you with several tips to make the game’s early going a little bit smoother with our Rogue Legacy 2 beginner’s guide.

Learn your classes

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Rogue Legacy 2 builds on its predecessor’s systems in several important ways, and one of the most significant is in its deepening of the available classes. Upon dying, you are given a choice of three heirs as your next character, and their classes will vary wildly as you unlock more through upgrading your castle. The various class mechanics mean that each run of Rogue Legacy 2 can feel hugely different from the last. You’ll switch back and forth between mighty barbarians, cunning duellists, scholarly mages and many more, each with their own specific playstyle. Getting used to how each of these classes – or at least a handful of favourites – plays is key to surviving and progressing further with each run.

Upgrade equipment

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As you explore Rogue Legacy 2’s biomes, you will often come across chests that contain equipment blueprints. Every blueprint found can be brought back to your castle’s blacksmith, enabling the creation of brand-new pieces of equipment. The blacksmith is one of the first buildings you should unlock in Rogue Legacy 2 as a result. While many elements of the game are randomised between runs, equipment offers permanent stat increases when worn by your characters. And when a piece of equipment is purchased from the blacksmith, it will be available across all your characters for the rest of the game. These permanent upgrades allow for a sense of progression and improvement over time, and can often mean the difference between life and death as you explore the games’ deadlier areas.

Mix and match

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The sheer variety offered by the combination of classes, traits and abilities is what truly sets Rogue Legacy 2 apart from its roguelite brethren. While in other games you may hone one particular build to perfection, Rogue Legacy 2 won’t allow you to get too attached to any one style of gameplay. While you’ll no doubt quickly develop favourite classes as you play through Rogue Legacy 2’s opening hours, one of the game’s key elements is the random chance that comes with choosing an heir. As a result, you are unlikely to be sticking with the same class for more than a couple of runs in a row. And this is for the best, as letting go and embracing the chaos is where the game really starts to shine.

Invest in improvements that let you acquire more resources

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Roguelites are games of impermanence. Playing Rogue Legacy 2, you will get used to making great progress through a biome, only to have it snatched away and reset by an errant enemy attack. That’s why it’s best to build around whatever permanent options you have. Gold and crafting resources allow you to unlock permanent upgrades for your characters over time. That’s why, even though the Castle has a wealth of improvements to choose from, it is often better to focus on those that let you level up and gain gold faster, allowing you to speed up the process of improvement later down the line. It’s an early investment in making you journey and growth through the game that much more impactful

Make use of House Rules if needs be

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Rogue Legacy 2 can feel like an unforgiving game at first, as you get used to its enemy patterns and roguelite mechanics. For players new to the game – or even the genre as a whole – some frustration may begin to set in on repeated deaths and losses with much progress gained. But it’s important to note, while Rogue Legacy 2 comes with a baked amount of challenge baked in, it is not an unfair game. The developers have done all they can to alleviate frustration and allow you to tailor the game to your own playstyle. This is where House Rules come in.

Accessible from the pause menu, House Rules are optional rules that you can use to modify the game. Available options include modifiers for enemy health and damage, as well as slowing down time whilst aiming. By adjusting these values, players struggling to get into the game can adjust the difficulty curve to their liking.

Lock down or heal up for boss runs

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Progressing through Rogue Legacy 2 will eventually involve finding and defeating the bosses of each of the game’s biomes. But often getting to the boss can be a draining experience, leaving you low on health and mana by the time you get to the fight, leaving you with little chance of success. That’s where two specific castle upgrades come in. One such early upgrade will heal your character whenever they enter a boss room, providing a necessary pick-me-up. But another salve for frustration is the Architect. This upgrade will allow you to lock down your world state, ensuring that the normally reshuffling layout of the game remains the same between runs. As each boss room has a teleporter right outside, this means that you can challenge the same boss multiple times in quick succession if you so desire.

While incredibly useful, the architect doesn’t provide his services for free. The more subsequent runs you keep the world locked down for, the greater percentage of gold the architect takes from you each time, up to a maximum of 100%. This isn’t quite as bad as it sounds, as defeating the boss will still grant you upgrade resources that the architect will not take a percentage of. Still, those that really want to maximize their gold rewards may wish to take their chances in finding the boss room each run, as bosses will drop a substantial amount of gold.

Look out for breakable walls

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Early in Rogue Legacy 2, you will be introduced to walls that look oddly cracked, setting them apart from the rest of the environment. Casting a spell at the wall will break it, allowing you access to whatever secrets and treasure are hidden beyond! Don’t forget to be on the lookout for these walls as you move through the game.

Pay attention to the map

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Rogue Legacy 2 gives you constant access to a mini-map as you traverse the game’s twisting corridors. But there is also a full version of the map available at the press of the pause button. With this, you can take your time planning your route and perusing for secrets without fear of being waylaid by enemies.

The map has all manners of features, the most basic of which is that it can prevent from getting lost while exploring the nooks and crannies of a biome that you haven’t fully picked through yet. It also provides an important reminder when an unopened treasure chest is in a room that you thought you had cleared. And If an exclamation mark in a green circle is present on the map, that room is hiding something of great interest, which may not be initially visible…

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Beginner’s guide. For more Rogue Legacy 2 content, including guides to classes, bosses, relics and biomes, be sure to check out our Rogue Legacy 2 hub!

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