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Rust Console Commands – Cheat Codes and More in 2022

Updated: May 8, 2022 11:09 pm
Rust Console Commands Featured

Rust is arguably one of the most successful survival titles since Minecraft. It may not have the highest player count, but the community surrounding the game is fiercely loyal, remaining with it for nearly an entire decade since it was released. As you might expect, with such a dedicated player base, pretty much everything has been done in Rust that could be done, which is where console commands come in.

Rust console commands can do almost anything, from making you an immortal, flying god, to simply giving you essential resources you need for nearly anything. We’ve scoured the list of console commands to put together this selection of the best and most useful ones in the game.

How to Open the Console

Rust Console Commands Full Vitals

Unlike lots of other games, opening the console in Rust is easy as doing anything else in the game is. You can hit the F1 key to open up the console menu as soon as you open the game. There are also several other tabs in this F1 menu that you can use to change server settings and see a series of in-game tools.

Rust Useful Console Commands

There are plenty of commands that you can try out on this list, but this section features the most useful ones that aren’t quite cheating. Nevertheless, these commands can fundamentally alter your gameplay experience, so make sure you use them with caution.

Command EffectConsole Command
Runs your PC through some benchmark tests in-gamebenchmark
Clears the main command console screenconsole.clear
Searching for [search term] in console commands and variablesfind [search term]
Kills your player characterkill
Shows the netgraph netgraph.enabled true
Hides the netgraphnetgraph.enabled false
Shows FPS counterperf 1
Shows RAM usageperf 3
Shows PINGperf 4
Hides all performance dataperf 0
Saves a high-quality image of the server map world.rendermap

Rust Admin Console Commands

Rust Console Commands Console Itself

These commands are much closer to what you’d think of as typical cheating. However, you’ll only be able to use these if you’re the admin of whatever server you happen to be playing on. Even more than the last lot of commands, you can have a pretty wild experience with these commands, so make sure you don’t mind being OP before you activate god mode or anything like that.

Command EffectConsole Command
Turns on god mode god true
Heals you for [amount]debug.heal [amount]
Kills [player name]debug.killplayer [player name]
Turns off collision and allows you to flydebug.noclip
Fills your health, hunger, and thirst to fulldebug.refillvitals
Saves the game and closes the serverdebug.svquit
Spawns [item name] where you’re cursor is pointingdebug.spawnitem [item name]
Clears the weatherweather.load clear
Teleport to the point you’re looking atteleportlos

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