Samurott Best Moveset – Evolving Shiny Oshawott

Which moves should you be using for your Shiny Samurott following Oshawott Community Day in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Samurott Best Moveset
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Oshawott Community Day took place on September 19th 2021, so your Pokemon storage space should now be filled to the brim with shiny otters. But what do you do with them now it’s over and are they any good?

Oshawott Community Day Best Moveset

Shiny Samurott Best Moveset

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, you’ll know that there is usually a special move introduced for Community Day. The downside is that you need to evolve the Pokemon during Community Day hours (and up to two hours afterwards) in order to utilize the move. Once the time period comes to an end, the move becomes a Legacy Move, in other words, a move you can no longer get in game unless your Pokemon already has it. For Oshawott’s final evolution Samurott, that move was Hydro Cannon. Hydro Cannon is the most powerful Charged Move for Samurott if you have it.

For Hydro Cannon’s accompanying fast move, you should either be using Waterfall or Fury Cutter. If you’re looking for the best moveset for Attack and Defense, Waterfall is your pick. You’ll need to remember that your Samurott only has Water-type moves, though, so will be weak to Grass and Dragon attacks. However, your water-type will have good resistance against Fire types. If you’re looking to utilize two type advantages, though, the overall best moveset for Samurott is Fury Cutter, a grass-type move, with Hydro Cannon. This will provide the best attack stats.

Samurott – Best Moveset without Hydro Cannon

If you were unable to make the most of Community Day and missed evolving Dewott or using a Charged TM on an existing Samurott during Community Day hours, you’ll have to make do without for now. However, there are still some excellent movesets you can give your new Pocket Monster.

The two best water movesets will be Waterfall as a Fast Move with Razor Shell or Hydro Pump as your Charged Move. Razor Shell is slightly better for attack, Hydro Pump for defense, but there’s really not much in it. Again, if you want to be more versatile with more types, you can replace Waterfall with Fury Cutter, and while this won’t be as strong a moveset overall, you will have an increased type advantage.

How to get Hydro Cannon

Unfortunately, Hydro Cannon is now unavailable for your Samurott since Community Day ended. However, we have seen Legacy Moves return to the game in the past, most notably, perhaps, during December’s Community Days, which have historically seen the return of previously featured Pokemon for those who might have missed it. The best you can do for now is hope for the return of Samurott’s Hydro Cannon at the end of the year.