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Mar 14, 2022 12:58 pm

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Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform? – Is Sea of Thieves Crossplay?

We find out if Sea of Thieves has crossplay

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Sea of Thieves is the best excuse to pretend to be a pirate that anyone has had since they were 8, and after a bit of a rocky start, the game has ended up being pretty popular. With the game released on both PC and Xbox, you may be wondering if it’s cross platform. The answer is yes, just like many other Xbox console exclusive titles, you can enjoy this one with your friends both on PC and Xbox.

Is Sea of Thieves Cross Platform? – is Sea of Thieves Crossplay?

So, yes, this game does in fact support crossplay features, and for once, it’s not insanely complicated for you to do it either. When the game was first released back in 2018, it was a much-touted feature that it would be easy to play with your friends regardless of what system they happened to be using.

How to Play Sea of Thieves Cross Platform

It’s easy as pie to enjoy this game with your friends, even if they’re on PC and you’re on a console. In the main menu, you should be able to search and add your friends to your friend list. Then, you can invite them into your lobby from there. If you’d rather just play with random people then you won’t have to do anything at all. You’ll be paired with random players across both platforms as you play the game without having to lift a finger.

Does Sea of Thieves have Cross Save/ Cross Progression?

Another great feature of the game is cross progression. Whether you’re playing the Windows Store version, the Steam version or the Xbox version you’ll find all of your progression is synced across all platforms. Just make sure that you sign into the same Microsoft account across all the places that you decide to play.

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