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Where Is The Setting For GTA 6?

Where will GTA 6 take place? Find out here.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 11:10 am
Where Is The Setting For GTA 6?

are you wondering where the setting is for GTA 6?

Every Grand Theft Auto fanatic is raving about the new GTA 6 in production.

Along with this, the newest leaks from September 2022 are bringing all of the Sherlock Holmes of GTA fans together to figure out exactly what is to come for the upcoming release.

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We have already been told that the map size for GTA 6 is meant to be extremely large, possibly more extensive than the one from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Let’s take a look at what we know.

Where is the Setting for GTA 6?

Grand Theft Auto 6 is set to be in Vice City and possibly other new map layouts in the Caribbean. These speculations were leaked by an unknown hacker recently arrested in the UK for bitterly hacking into Rockstar’s internal servers.

This hacker released some valuable information we can use now as proof that Vice City is coming back into GTA. 

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Along with the map set, the hacker has also released many other speculations as to locations in Vice City, such as a Metro Station and very large beaches simulating Miami Beach, making it more and more apparent how the feel of GTA 6 will be.

Of course, the setting for Vice City will be completely different from the original city displayed in 1986 in the expansion GTA: Vice City, as it is going to be up to date and improved to modern-day technology. 

Will GTA 6 Follow GTA 5 Events?

That said, GTA 6 will be set during the events after GTA 5, the last released sequel since 2013. There have also been leaked screenshots of San Andreas locations seen in the production of GTA 6, which makes fans wonder if there will be a merge of all different maps. 

This would come as no surprise, as Rockstar developers have mentioned wanting to merge maps together before.

As they have also done in Red Dead Redemption 2, where two maps at the end of the game are shown to be merged into one. Giving those original players the nostalgia and overall enjoyment of the maps improvements. 

GTA 6 Female Protagonist

There have been also rumors of a female protagonist for the GTA 6 story, which would not surprise anyone, to say the least. This comes from players’ complaints of sexism and racism within Rockstar gameplay in the GTA series.

Rockstar defends that it is only a parody of the US, which brings problems to the country. They make jokes about how ridiculous the country seems to the outside eye. 

Although there have been complaints, Rockstar seemingly aims to please everyone, to show they are not biased towards any specific group, but to show the brutality that the US gives to all people groups. 

Grand Theft Auto 6 and the setting expected by players is overruling all of the bad expectations they may have had for the game, which is an excellent success for Rockstar. Even though this information has been leaked in a way they may not have approved, fans are excited and thrilled to get their hands on the new Grand Theft Auto 6. 

Where Is The Setting For GTA 6 FAQs

Where Is The Setting For GTA 6?

Although there’s nothing official just yet, we can be pretty confident that at least Vice City is going to feature in GTA 6.

Previous leaks appear to show the location available in the game. That said, even older leaks appeared to feature Los Santos from GTA 5 as a playable area, so who knows what is true at this point.

How big is the map for GTA 6?

We don’t have official confirmation, but a leaker has suggested that the map will be at least as big as the map from RDR2.

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