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Shadowrun Hong Kong Console Commands – Cheats & More in 2022

Updated: May 6, 2022 6:48 pm
Shadowrun Hong Kong Console Commands – Cheats & More in 2022

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If you’ve always been a fan of cyberpunk, but just wished there were more dwarves, elves, and trolls involved, then you should probably have played Shadowrun Hong Kong. The third entry in a trilogy of tactical RPG titles that bought the tabletop roleplaying game back to screens for the first time since 2007s disastrous (to some) attempt at a relaunch. If you’ve been running your head up against a brick wall with the game’s sudden difficulty spike, you should consider trying out console commands.

Shadowrun Hong Kong console commands aren’t as varied as some titles like Skyrim, but they’ll certainly help to give you an edge over your opponents. Read on to discover how to enable and use the console to its fullest.

How to Enable the Console

You can enable the console out of the gate with this game, probably because they knew how tough it could get. Just tap Alt+F1 and the console should open up without much else going on. Be careful when you’re using these commands since they can corrupt save data. For your own safety, your best bet is to backup your saves often.

Shadowrun Hong Kong Cheat Console Commands

As we already stated above, you’ll need to be careful with these commands. Not only will they affect your gameplay experience, but they might also destroy your saves in extreme cases. You’ve been warned.

Command EffectConsole Command
Enables god mode (can’t die)god
Gives you more AP +ap
Gives you more HP+hp
Adds money to your character
Allows you to modify your character’s skin toneclr
Gives you 2 karma points+2k
Doubles your movement speed outside of combatmov(200)
Doubles everything’s movement speedall(200)
Sets everything’s movement speed back to normalall(100)

Shadowrun Hong Kong Debug Mode

As well as the console, you also have the option of using the debug mode to cheat in the game. If you press Ctrl+F1 then you should put the game into debug mode, and also open the debug menu. From here, you should see a ‘cheats’ tab that lets you alter the amount of money you have, as well as adding karma, and putting yourself into god mode.

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