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Shonen Smash Roblox codes

Like Shonen Jump? Like Super Smash? Like codes?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021 12:04 pm
Shonen Smash Roblox codes

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Combining the popular Shonen Jump manga series with the gameplay of Super Smash Bros. is Shonen Smash. Created by TenTheWarrior (aka Hikari Games) in Roblox, the game claims to feature characters from across the manga-verse in spectacular blox-o-vision, replete with spiky hair and constipated faces rolled across the game’s Lego heads.  

We played the game briefly and would rather gnaw our own fingers off than have to play it again (no offense to the talented creator of Shonen Smash – we snobbishly abhor all Roblox games ), but if you’re a fan of Shonen Jump, SSBU, and / or Roblox, below are codes you can enter to make the experience more streamlined and worthwhile. If you like in-game cash, that is.

Shonen Smash codes

These codes were valid at time of writing (October 12, 2021).


How to enter codes

To enter the above codes, fire up Roblox, go into Shonen Smash, Click MENU and enter the codes onto the CODES text box. The requisite cash will be immediately added to your account and you will be in-game rich beyond your wildest dreams. At least, until you blow it all.

Other Roblox codes

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