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Skyrim Anniversary edition armor sets: What’s new in the game?

We list all the different Skyrim anniversary edition armor sets that launched with the game.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:11 pm
Skyrim 10 Anniversary Armor

Skyrim 10 Anniversary has arrived, and players are getting their hands on the game. Some of the features in the game greatly expand the base game’s content. Some of those features are the new Skyrim Anniversary edition armor sets for your character and your horses. Here are the armors you can expect to find in the game.

A list of all Skyrim Anniversary edition armor sets

In terms of direct new armor sets in the game, there are nine new armor sets you can gather. If take a look at the article’s feature image, you can see an example of the Inforil armour, which is also plastered all over the digital stores.

  • Dragonbone Mail
  • Dragonplate Insulated Cuirass
  • Dwarven Plate Armor
  • Indoril Armor
  • Iron Plate Armor
  • Leather Scout Armor
  • Orcish Plate Armor
  • Orcish Scaled Armor
  • Silver Armor

Skyrim 10th anniversary edition armor sets add even more of the class and race fantasy in Skyrim. There are quite a few new Orcish themed arrmor sets, one that is designed for more skirmisher builds. If you want to be an orc juggernaut running in with shields or two-handed axes, then you can grab yourself the Orcish Plate Armor.

Also, two of the armour sets in the game are the Dragon sets. There is a Dagonbone Mail armor set, which is obviously designed for a footman style armor style. Meanwhile, the Insulated Curiass is the heavy and thick dragon bone. It kinda resembles the traditional Nord helmet from ESO, but with more dragon and less viking inspiration.

Dwarven plate armor is a mixture of red and gold colours, with thick chunky pieces. The dwarves have always been a mechanical and stylish bunch, despite the Elder Scrolls universe never really having a proper look at the race. This armor set helps to get another look at the people that have long left Tamriel.

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Horse Armor

Moreso, Bethesda added new Skyrim horse armor into the game. It was one of the original DLCs for ES4: Oblivion. Now the horse armor is in the game, and you can get it through that creator club stuff. Do be aware it’s cosmetics that give your horse more health rather than actually grant it armor. But who is counting?

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