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The Skyrim Anniversary edition modding community found ways to get mods working

The Skyrim Anniversary edition modding community is wonderful

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:09 pm
The Skyrim Anniversary edition modding community found ways to get mods working

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Skyrim’s 10 Anniversary edition arrived several days ago, and many players got the opportunity to play the game. While the anniversary edition adds in a few new features, the game itself has lost quite a lot of its most important feature, mod support. Since the switch to the game’s new version, plenty of the game’s most popular mods on PC are faltering. However, the Skyrim Anniversary edition modding community has found several fixes and issues relating to the mod support for Skyrim.

How to fix Skyrim Anniversary mods

If you find one of your mods is not working, it is likely down to version incompatibility. Since Skyrim 10th Anniversary edition adds in plenty of new content in the base game, the file version has changed. Not to mention the code of the game is different, which conflicts with the way mods alter the game code to function.

There are two solutions you have to fix this. The first is to wait for the mod developer to fix the mad and update it to the game’s latest version. The problem with this fix is that some developers have no interest in fixing their mods due to a plethora of reasons. As with all mods in games, there is no guarantee they’ll ever get updated to the current version. 

Alternatively, you can use a tool that backdates your game version. This means that your game does become incompatible in some regards. If that is what you want to use, then you can download the downgrade patcher, which takes you back to the most recent patch from the Skyrim special edition. Chances are you and your mods have worked on that patch for quite some time. Using this fix should work. However, there may be problems with the base game since the game version is back in the special edition period, while the game is running new content. Be warned you may get errors playing the game using this method.  

Skyrim 10 Anniversary edition: What mods work?

If you would rather not mess around with the game’s file version, there are mods that are updated and working. If you go to Nexusmods, there is a feature that allows you to search for mods by the last update. It allows you to get mods that are updated very recently, especially for the recent launch of the 10th anniversary. This might help you find some new mods that you have never used before, and expand your game in different ways you never thought you needed. 

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