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Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5: Workbenches, Kill Mission, collectables

We guide you through Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5, showcasing all the collectables and other POIs you want.

Updated: May 31, 2022 5:54 pm
Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5: Workbenches, Kill Mission, collectables

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Sniper Elite 5 mission 5, Festung Guernsey, is a mission that takes you to the channel islands, where you learn more about Operation Kraken. The mission hs you to go through military bases, and underground hospitals and see the towns on the islands too. There are plenty of collectables knocking around too. So, here is a Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5 walkthrough featuring workbenches, stone eagles, and other collectables and mission objectives.

Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5 Walkthrough

The main mission has the player arrive by dingy to the island. Upon landing, you have a mini resistance base. Feel free to loot it and explore. There’s also a wooden pigeon you can shoot for a hidden ribbon!

From there, you have to infiltrate and learn more about the mission. Get past the first stone concrete bunker, which is fairly simple enough. There are also collectables to get in this base too. Then cross the field, avoid the tanks, and get to the underground bunker.

Infiltrate the underground bunker, get the details; then it’s time to head to the northern outpost to the top left of the map. Do your thing, get the information, and then you can exfiltrate.

If you want to do a secondary objective, there is one located alongside the kill objective. You can head to the construction site, and take out the construction site by shooting the chains. We recommend not doing this unless you are not interested in the kill objective. You can read more on the kill objective for the mission below.

If you want to spend time doing side missions or collectables, then the map is massive. Below you will find the locations of the workbenches, collectables, eagles and tips on the kill objective.

Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5 Workbenches

Festung Guernsey Workbench locations Mission 5
An easier to read map of the level just showing the workbenches.

There are three workbenches in total, all of which are scattered around the map. We have given you some quick descriptions of how to get to each one. Feel free to use the map reference showcasing the workbench locations for reference. You can then follow the below tips to arrive directly at each of the sites.

The first is In the stone church in the middle of the map. Three guards only surround the area, so you can get in and out really easily. You need to climb the tower from the outside using the vines and then the bars on the walls to climb it. Continue up until you get to the top of the tower and climb inside. You will then see a Union Jack on top of the tower and a workbench below it.

Move Inside a tiny stone house near the bottom right side of the map for the second workbench. It is on the side of the road, and there are not many germans in the area. Enter the building, prone under the desk and follow the debris around until you get a hole with a ladder. Climb the ladder to the basement, and the bench is down there.

Head inside the AA gun trench closest to the left facing yellow shaped checkpoint shed on the map on the top left. You will only see that location if you have been close to it while on the mission. You can head to the left west side of the fence, and there’s a gap you can break into. Dropdown into the trench with an AA gun and walk into a dugout to find the german workbench.

Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5 Collectables

Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5 collectables
The blue papers are other collectable items, the stone eagles are the eagles and the workbenches are pictured too.

Below you will find a list of descriptions noting how to find the collectables on Festung Guernsey. We have also attached a map. The main collectables are marked with the blue document, while the stone eagles have their own coins, since they appear on the map if you mark them. 

  • Southern german outpost requires a safe code you can get from the dining table in the base. You can then break into a room opposite by shooting the lockout using armor pen. Enter the room and unlock the safe using intel.
  • Southwestern bunker overlooking the sea. Climb the stairs, and it’s on a desk inside.
  • Inside the village in the east of the middle section of the map. It is is a radio desk inside the small square-shaped building. There is also a small radio you can pick up on the same bench. 
  • Get a note from an NPC inside the Martello Tower. Intel says this is where they are storing medical supplies. The tower is found near the checkpoint on the southeast of the island.
  • Found within a stone bunker overlooking the sea on the island’s northwest side. It is on the ground floor, and you can head inside through the gate around the tower’s fortifications.
  • Inside the bunker in the final mission objective area. It is on a desk near a locked safe. You need to break a lock to get inside the room.
  • On the top floor of the room, the German officer and the Japanese naval officers meet.
  • There is a collectable Inside the underground hospital. Follow the main road and turn left in the Japanese / Nazi combo poster.
  • At the very northern end of the underground hospital. The classified documents are next to a radio station desk.
  • There are some personal letters inside the workbench room in the southeast corner of the map.
  • You can find some letters on an NPC in front of the green shed at the kill objective construction site.
  • Collectable item in the northwest hut of the construction site.
  • The three stone eagles are in the top right of the map near a bunker, with another on a stone bunker tower and one on the church.

Festung Guernsey Sniper Elite 5 kill objective

You can see the kill objective in the bottom right of the map. The kill objective requires you to kill the target using concrete. So, you want to head to the target, tag him using your sniper rifle or binoculars, and then knock him unconscious using non-lethal ammo or a non-lethal takedown. After that, you want to bring them to the construction site, where you can see the cement pouring into the foundation hole. The unconscious kill target should fall to his death and dies on the rising cement, granting you the kill challenge.

Upon completion, you will unlock yourself a Type 100 SMG, which we believe to be one of the best SMGs in the game.
This concludes our Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey walkthrough. We hope you have found all the collectables you need. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our Sniper Elite 5 hub.

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