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How to find Marcel Sniper Elite 5 – Mission 1 guide

Here is how to find Marcel in Sniper Elite 5

Updated: May 30, 2022 2:45 pm
How to find Marcel Sniper Elite 5

Finding Marcel is an important part of setting up the story of the first mission in Sniper Elite 5. He is a key contact in the french resistance, and both the allies and the axis are looking for him. Considering how big the first map is, we will help you track down Marcel to help you on your way. Below is a step by step guide on finding Marcel in Sniper Elite 5.

How to find Marcel in Sniper Elite 5

To find Marcel in Sniper Elite 5, you need to make your way to the village at the bottom left of the map. There is a building tucked away in the corner of the town guarded by quite a few German troops. You will need to head to the building, head upstairs and into the bedroom. As Karl’s intel says, there is a lockbox under the floorboards in the bedroom. However, to open it you need to get the key from Marcel.

Luckily for you, Marcel is in the attic. To get into the attic, you need to leave the building and head for the rear of the house. There are vines that you can climb to get to the top floor of the build and into the attic. You will find Marcel slumped down to the side, sadly dead. Loot the body and you get the item you need to open the safe. We recommend exploring this section as there’s some loot to pick up, including a rifle workbench

Once you’re ready to depart, head downstairs and you can get the intel for the main mission. With all that said and down, you have done the find Marcel part of the mission and you can continue on with your Sniper Elite 5 campaign as normal.

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