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Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall (Mission 1) Workbench locations

Here is how to find the the Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall mission 1 workbench locations.

Updated: May 31, 2022 4:28 pm
Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall (Mission 1) Workbench locations

As you first get into the first level of Sniper Elite 5, you will learn about the new feature, workbenches. Workbenches allow you to get new attachments for your snipers, SMGs and pistols. So, where are the workbenches on Atlantic Wall? Below we guide you to finding all the Sniper Elite 5 workbenches on Atlantic Wall (mission 1).

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall workbench locations

Atlantic Wall Workbench locations Mission 1

Above you will find a map that showcases the locations of the workbenches on the mission map. However, some need a bit of an explanation of how to get them before you happily head into the locations expecting a free work bench.

The first workbench location in Mission 1 is easily found just after the tutorial bit. It is inside the little armoury you enter as you leave the submarine and find the contact, which then bridges you to the main mission area. Nice and easy.

How to find Marcel Sniper Elite 5
Climb the building using the vines and get into the SMG workbench and the mission objective.

After that, the workbenches are scattered around the west side of the map. The second workbench is inside the attic of Marcel, the informant’s house. You need to climb the vines up to the attic and access it through the window if you wish to enter it. While you’re up there getting the keys from Marcel’s body, don’t forget to interact with the workbench to get the SMG attachment from the first mission.

The final workbench is on the top left of the map. You need to get your hands on the armory key from the officer. You can find the officer lurking around the outside barrack bit on the north side of the artillery bunker. It is easy to get into the area, if you move to the western side of the fence, prone through the hole, take the nearby guard out and the one patrolling the western entrance. You can then follow into the ditch to the north and find the officer.

Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall mission 1 workbench
Use the key to get into the armory for the pistol workbench.

Once you get the key from his body, you can then head to the armory. Follow the ramp up to the grass and then walk to a green building just down the road. You can then unlock the door and enter the armory. The pistol workbench is at the back of the room. There are also some collectable documents in the room too if you want to pick them up as well.

With that said, you now know the locations of the Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall workbenches. For more content, feel free to check out our Sniper Elite 5 hub for more walkthroughs and guides on the game. We also have a main workbench guide if you want quick tips and access to all the workbench locations in the game.

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