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Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle location guide: All maps and missions

Here is where to find all the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for all maps and missions.

Updated: May 31, 2022 5:54 pm
Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle location guide: All maps and missions

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Sniper Elite 5 has another collectable you need to get, called Stone Eagles. These are inanimate stone objects found on top of buildings at every level in the campaign. If you want the collection achievements, you need to scout and then shoot all the Stone Eagles on each map. Below you can find the locations of all Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagles for every map.

Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations on all maps and missions

Below you will find the location of all Sniper Elite Stone Eagle locations for all maps. We have included a few tips and tricks on how to successfully spot all stone eagles to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity.

Atlantic Wall mission 1 Stone Eagle locations

Atlantic Wall Stone Eagle locations Mission 1
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for Atlantic Wall.

The three Stone Eagle locations on Atlantic Wall are listed above. These are not too hard to find, and there are many areas you can stand to find tall three stone eagles on Atlantic Wall.

  1. The one to the east of the map’s boundary is on a chimney on a building outside of the map. You can see it from the radar dish if you want or try to snipe it from the field, but b careful of the German guards in the area.
  2. There is a stone eagle on the roof of the sniper vantage point at the edge of the beach. Look to the top of the town or the beach, and you should see it.
  3. The final one is at the front of the main manor inside the town. Face the front of the building, and you shall spot it.

Occupied Residence mission 2 Stone Eagle locations

Occupied Residence Stone Eagle locations Mission 2
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for Occupied Residence.

You can easily find all of the Stone Eagles from the vantage of points around the Chateau. The third one is a little tough to see from the Chateau. But, you can find it by patrolling the river or the stone bridge if you wish. 

  • The first one you can find is above the building where the stolen antique sniper is perched, albeit further to the right of the window.
  • The second one is on top of a building near the farming village area on the far west side of the map. You can snipe it from the objective window room that you need to break into on the upstairs section of the residence.
  • The final one that is harder to find is the one by the river. The Stone Eagle is positioned on a boulder that is on the treeline by the river.

Spy Academy mission 3 Stone Eagle locations

Spy Academy Stone Eagle locations Mission 3
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for Spy Academy.

Unfortunately, you’re going to go on a bit of a journey to find the Spy Academy Stone Eagle locations. There is one in the middle of the map, the very north and the south of the main area of the map.

  • The first you can find is the one on the southwest of the main complex on the map. When you start the mission and see the entire map, you can take the shot from the start of the map after leaving the safe resistance area.
  • The second one is on the northeast corner of the main complex, right at the top of the city. It is on a rectangular-shaped building, which is just to the southeast of the Spy Academy secondary mission.
  • The final one is at the very north of the map. There is a collapsed stone ruin on a tiny island. The Stone eagle is found on the ruin, which you can snipe from the beach or the top of the city complex.

War Factory mission 4 Stone Eagle locations

War Factory Stone Eagle locations Mission 4
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for War Factory.

The War Factory stone eagle locations are not that hard to find. They are all fairly near main mission locations, or along the paths to and from those locations.

  • The first one can be found if you follow the southern path down out of the resistance starting area. The stone eagle is just before you do the final cross across the river. Look to the broken wall with the vines and grass growing on it. There is a stone eagle right there.
  • The second one is found on the circular main objective building found on the mid-east side of the map. The stone eagle is right at the top of the building. We recommend standing somewhere to the east of the main objective room where you get the underground hospital logs to get the right angle on the stone eagle.
  • The final stone eagle is found outside of the map. It is on a building just outside the map boundary to the south by the train tracks on a brick building, perched on top of a whitish stone roof. 

Festung Guernsey mission 5 Stone Eagle locations

Festung Guernsey Stone Eagle locations Mission 5
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for Festung Guernsey.
  1. The first one is also in the same building you can get a workbench. Look to the west side of the church, and you should see the stone eagle on the corner of the building. 
  2. While in the area of the first one, you can see the other stone eagle of Festung Guernsey on one of the tall stone bunkers with defences on the field between the church and the bunker.
  3. The final workbench is in the very top right of the map. It is on top of a bunker with sandbags on the roof. Check for the outside facing party of the sandbags, and the stone eagle should be present.

Liberation mission 6 Stone Eagle locations

Liberation Stone Eagle locations Mission 6
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for Liberation.
  1. The first Stone Eagle location on Liberation is on the windmill, which is just to the east of the first town objective if you start from the original beginning. Take out the first objective, and it should be safe to shoot the stone eagle on the windmill.
  2. The second stone eagle on liberation is on the corner of a blown up church to the far west of the map.
  3. The final one is where the tank battle commences after blowing up the bridge barrier. You can find it in the front of a blown-up window ledge at the northeast corner of the cul-de-sac you fight the tank at. 

Secret Weapons mission 7 Stone Eagle locations

Secret Weapons Stone Eagle locations Mission 7
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for Secret Weapons.

The secret weapon stone eagle locations are perhaps the hardest stone eagles to find in the game. They are all tightly hidden in the areas of the map you never visit, making these a total pain to find.

  • The one on the southeast of the map is part of a stone garden. Head to the household in the area and look towards the little mount you cannot climb. The stone eagle is perched beside a rock, blending with the stone environment.
  • The one in the southwest of the map is also tough. You need to climb the southwestern part of the castle all the way to the top. You can then see a stone eagle on an alcove in the stone wall further above.
  • The final one is perhaps the hardest Stone Eagle to find in the game. The stone eagle is inside the water spit exit of the dam, which you can find by the gushing water effects coming from it. You’re best standing on the circular guard tower on the top right corner of the dam to get the best chance of spotting the eagle. 

Rubble and Ruin mission 8 Stone Eagle locations

Rubble and Ruin Stone Eagle locations Mission 8
Here are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle locations for Rubble and Ruin.

This map is tricky, considering there are two stone eagles outside the Rubble and Ruin map boundary.

  • The first is outside of the map boundaries to the southwest of the beach. You can find it along the edge of a hard to see the building from the beach. Scan the area until you see a building with an eagle on it. Allow your binoculars to scan it just in case to ensure you’re looking at the right building.
  • The second eagle in Rubble and Ruin is at the Japanese kill target’s manor. You can find the stone eagle right on the front middle bit of the roof lip. Shotting it will cause you to alert the german and Japanese guards in the area. You can get a decent look at the stone eagle from the blown-up building where the workbench is found.
  • The final is on the other building connected to the Submarine pen. You can head to the roof of the pen area and find the stone eagle on the building to the east of the sub pen.

This concludes this Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle location guide for all maps. For more content, walkthroughs and guides on Sniper Elite 5, check out our Sniper Elite 5 hub!

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