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Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Workbench locations guide

Here is where to find all the Sniper Elite 5 War Factory workbench locations.

Updated: May 31, 2022 11:59 am
Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Workbench locations guide

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Workbenches are one of the necessary parts of making your own build in Sniper Elite 5 They offer players the chance to unlock new attachments for the snipers, SMGS, and pistols. Each map contains three workbenches and, it turns out that War Factory is kinda slippery with its workbench places. Below you will find all the War Factory workbench locations in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory workbench locations

War Factory Workbench locations Mission 4
Above you will find a general map of where to find the War Factory workbenches. However, all three workbenches are inside locked rooms, meaning you’re going to need to know a few tips and tricks to get into them.

The first one is on the northern side of the map. It is inside a smaller mill opposite the Refinery mission objective building. You need to walk in, take care of the few soldiers and then unlock the bolted room. You can take the lockout, or open it up using the tools. Keep some armor pen rounds on you just in case.

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory workbench 1
The hole to the workbench is on the left of these construction materials. On the right is the locked door you must breakthrough.

Once you’re through the door, simply head into the room, turn right, and then there’s a hole to climb down. The workbench is inside that room, which you can also get a rat bomb from if you want it for the kill objective later.

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory workbench 2
Here is the unit you need to kill to get access to the Refinery Armory.

The next one is inside the Refinery itself. There is an elite jager unit near the control panel for the main mission objective that takes the Refinery out of action. Take care of the elite jager, loot the body for the key, and then head downstairs. You will then find a pathway on the eastern facing wall with several bolted rooms. The Refinery armory is just past them, near an officer. Use the key to open the door and the workbench is right there.

The final workbench is in the armory found in the south of the map. It is near the road where the armored car patrols the upstairs of a building. There is an officer just outside of the building patrolling the construction materials in between the Kraken files mission objective and the armory. Take care of the officer, avoid the patrolling car grom seeing his KO’s body and then head upstairs. There is a ladder near where the road curves you can climb. There is one guard that patrols the upstairs, which is easy enough to lure him down the ladders and take him out while no one can see. Then you can open the door and get the loot.

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory workbench 3
Here is the regular armory which also contains a workbench.

This concludes how to get all the Sniper Elite 5 War Factory workbenches. Why not check out our Sniper Elite 5 hub for more guides and walkthroughs of the game.

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