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Stardew Valley Harvey guide

At least I'm loyal...

Updated: Apr 7, 2022 2:20 pm
Harvey guide

Harvey is one of the best characters to romance in Stardew Valley if you are looking for someone who is mature. The oldest bachelor in town is also a renowned doctor and all the NPCs in the game seem to like him a lot. Harvey too is happy with the companionship that most people offer him and has a laid-back personality. He has some truly unique heart events that every player needs to try out.

How to marry Harvey in Stardew Valley

Harvey might not be the most exciting character in Stardew Valley, but has a stable job and a pleasing personality. He is friendly to everyone and you will have an easy time being friends with him. He was born on Winter 14 and you will find him at the Clinic beside the General Store almost all the time. His night market visit is scheduled for Winter 15.

The town doctor has a stable schedule and it does not change throughout the seasons. The only time you will see any changes to his schedule is if it rains when he is supposed to go out. Despite being a doctor, Harvey loves processed food and it can be difficult to get hold of those items in the early game. He loves Super Meal, pickles, truffle oil, wine of any kind, coffee, and universal loves. 

If you do not have access to some of the rare items that he loves, you can try to get goat milk, foraged items, fruits, and universal likes instead. His ten heart event is one of the best as he takes you out to a hot air balloon right where you spend time with him. His two and six heart events can be tricky as choosing the wrong options can cause you to irreversibly ruin your chances of marrying him. You should always take his side in friendship events if you want him to marry you.

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