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How to Choose The Best Farms in Stardew Valley?

Here's how to choose the best farms in Stardew Valley.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022 2:16 pm
Best Farms

You have been given access to your grandmother’s farm in Stardew Valley but the game gives you seven options to choose from. Each of the seven types of farms in Stardew Valley have their benefits and you have to decide on which one you need.

Types of Farms in Stardew Valley

Here is a rundown of all the types of farms in Stardew Valley.

Standard Farm

It is the simplest type of farm with the most space to help you learn the mechanics of farming in Stardew Valley. You will be able to cultivate most of the area and still have space for barns and coops.

Riverland Farm

Riverland farms combine the joy of fishing and farming. You have plenty of water bodies to fish on and earn some gold in the process.

Hill Top Farm

Hill Top farms have very little farmable land due to the numerous cliffs in them. But it is large enough for all players and you get access to mining a whole lot quicker which is the biggest advantage of choosing this option.

Four Corners Farm

If you want to mix all types of farming into one location, this plot has everything sorted. You have a waterbody and four separate plots of land combined into one.

Beach Farm

Beach farms help you forage, fish, and farm all at the same time. The only downside of this option is that sprinklers don’t work in the sand, rendering them useless.

Wilderness Farm

Wilderness farms are meant for adventurous players who love difficulty. Monsters in wilderness farms increase in size with your combat level and it makes Stardew Valley’s experience even more engaging.

Forest Farm

Forest farms are the exact opposite of wilderness farms. You get to live secluded from everything and you can solely focus on foraging and finding all seasonal items in one place. There are plenty of resources that are easy to get on these farms and it is one of the best options out there.

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