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How to Craft Scarecrow in Stardew Valley

Keep crows away with the Stardew Valley Scarecrow.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 11:45 am
How to Craft Scarecrow in Stardew Valley

What’s a farm without a scarecrow? Having crows attack your precious fields and crops are definitely annoying for all Stardew Valley players, and crafting a scarecrow is definitely worth the effort. 

While crafting a scarecrow isn’t difficult, it does help to understand the range so you can protect your most vulnerable crops best.

How to Craft a Scarecrow in Stardew Valley

In order to craft a scarecrow, players will have to be at a minimum of Farming Level 1 in Stardew Valley. Go to the crafting table and add these materials: 

  • 50 wood
  • 20 fiber
  • 1 coal

You should now have a Scarecrow in your inventory. You can place this scarecrow anywhere in your fields to ward off crows from eating your crops. A Scarecrow has a range of 248 squares or 8 tiles in every direction. Note that the range layout of the Scarecrow is in a hexagon shape so it will not cover all crops. 

If you want to extend the range of your scarecrow, you can do this in two ways. 

  1. You can craft the Deluxe Scarecrow for a range coverage of 888 squares.
  2. You can craft multiple regular scarecrows and place them on your field overlapping each other. 

How to Craft a Deluxe Scarecrow

Stardew Valley has eight ‘Rarecrows’ that can be found and bought in different locations on the map. You will have to find and buy all eight of these Rarecrows in order to craft the Deluxe Scarecrow with an 888-square range.

  • Alien Rarecrow: 10,000 qi coins at Oasis Casino
  • Dwarf Rarecrow: 2,500 gold from Dwarf NPC
  • Female Rarecrow: 2,500 gold on the Flower Dance
  • Racoon Rarecrow: 10 items donated to Museum
  • Snowman Rarecrow: 4,000 gold at the Traveling Cart in Winter
  • Tiki Mask Rarecrow: 40 items donated to Museum
  • Turnip Head Rarecrow: 800 Star Tokens at Stardew Valley Fair
  • Witch Rarecrow: 5,000 gold at Spirit Eve’s Fair

Once you’ve got all eight rarecrows, you will receive a letter with the Deluxe Scarecrow recipe. 

You can now craft the Deluxe Scarecrow with 50 wood, 1 Iridium Ore, and 40 Fiber.  Players will now find the Deluxe Scarecrow in their inventory, ready to be placed on their farm.

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