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How to Get A Sweet Gem Berry in Stardew Valley

Here's how to get a Sweet Gem Berry in Stardew Valley.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022 2:18 pm
Sweet Gem Berry

Unlike a lot of other crops in Stardew Valley, getting a Sweet Gem Berry can be quite tricky. There are a lot of extra steps involved when it comes to growing this inedible but rare berry which is one of the most coveted items in Stardew Valley because of the high price it yields when you sell it.

What is a Sweet Gem Berry in Stardew Valley?

Sweet Gem berries are among the highest-value items in the game. The berries take 24 days to grow from rare seeds and you can cultivate them only during the fall season unless you plant the seeds in a greenhouse. They do not grow after being harvested, which means you will need to replant new seeds every time. Iridium quality berries can fetch you 6,000g while normal variants can net you 3,000g.

How to Get Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley

To grow Sweet Gem Berries you need to get rare seeds which are sold to players by a traveling merchant located in the north end of the Cinderswap Forest every Sunday and Friday. During Summer and Spring, you will be able to purchase between one and five rare seeds for 1,000g each. These seeds are available only when the merchant has special stock available. Setting up a greenhouse to harvest Sweet Gem Berries is strongly recommended if you want to be able to cash out in any season of the year.

You can get the rare seeds from the traveling merchant’s standard stock but they have a 1.26% chance to appear, which makes it very difficult to get hold of them. While we already talked about how expensive the berries can be, you should save one instead of selling all of your stock once you get access to Sweet Gem Berries. Take a berry to Old Master Cannoli and you will get a Stardrop in return.

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