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How to Grow Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Here’s how to grow and harvest the valuable ancient fruit in Stardew Valley.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 11:34 am
Ancient Fruit

Earning gold in Stardew Valley can involve a lot of grinding, but growing Ancient Fruit makes it easier. Ancient Fruit is a rare crop that can be harvested and sold for higher prices. But growing Ancient Fruit isn’t that simple – it takes a long time to grow. Here’s how to grow Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

How to Get Ancient Fruit Seeds in Stardew Valley

The first step to growing Ancient Fruit is to collect seeds. Here are a couple of ways to acquire them: 

  1. The Traveling Merchant

Players can purchase Ancient Fruit seeds from the Traveling Merchant at a price between 100-1,000g. The Traveling Merchant spawns in the Cindersap Forest every Friday and Sunday. 

  1. Donate Ancient Seed Artifact

Donating the Ancient Seed Artifact instantly grants players a pack of seeds. You can find the artifact in the Cindersap Forest or in a Fishing Treasure chest. 

  1. Seed Maker

There is a small chance (0.5%) you will get Ancient Fruit seeds by putting any crop in the Seed Maker. This is not a reliable method. 

How to Grow Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Now that you’ve acquired the seeds, it’s time to grow Ancient Fruit on your farm. 

  1. Ancient Fruit can be planted in the greenhouse. It must be planted into the ground, and cannot grow inside a garden pot. This is because it has very deep roots. 
  2. The Ancient Fruit takes 28 days (a full season) to grow and be ready for harvest. 
  3. You cannot grow Ancient Fruit during the Winter, but it will not die if planted in the greenhouse. 

How to Sell Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Once you’ve grown Ancient Fruit, the next order of business is to sell it for a good price. You can sell the fruit as is, or turn it into jam for even more money. 

Here’s how much you can earn from the fruit, depending on the quality.

  • Normal Ancient Fruit: 550g
  • Silver Ancient Fruit: 687g
  • Gold Ancient Fruit: 825g
  • Iridium Ancient Fruit: 1,100g

Place the fruit inside a Preserves Jar in order to make jam. To make wine, place it in caskets in your cellar. Note that Ancient Fruit is not used as an ingredient for cooking.

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