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The Best Gameplay Stardew Valley Mods

What are some of the best gameplay-changing Stardew Valley mods? We've got a small list for you!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022 2:29 pm
Best Gamplay Stardew Valley Mods

Some games are made to be played, others are made to be an experience, there there are those that are simply the embodiment of… cozy. Games you don’t have to worry about, there’s no big grand fight at the end, nor is there a time limit to accomplish a great quest. These are the games that really let you take a moment to breathe. Stardew Valley is – as you can tell considering this article’s title – one of those games.

Even looking at it, just invokes feelings of comfort. The music takes you away and within moments you’re no longer in your real-world, instead you’re on your digital grandpa’s farm you’ve inherited in the quaint little Stardew Valley. There are the Stardew veterans among us who’ve played countless hours on different and new farms. There are those who spill hours and love into a single farm, then there are those who hop in and out when the feeling hits them.

Stardew Valley Mods

Well, Stardew Valley is such a simple little pixel game. And considering it’s popularity, it’s no surprise that there is an active community. A community of artists and creatives, and those who’ve taken time to even mod the game. Stardew Valley Mods are all over, those that better the overall game, those that change character appearance, those that even add new mechanics to the game. Some players might not like the generic pixel-style we start off. Or they feel like it’s a bit lacking. Well for PC Stardew Valley players, we’ve gathered some of the best cosmetic-only Stardew Valley mods.

These mods are – sadly – only available for PC players. Furthermore, these mods we’ve listed here are only cosmetic ones. So they’ll change the overall look of your game, or only change certain small parts. These mods will affect your core gameplay in some way, so if you want vanilla gameplay only, disregard these mods. And if you’re looking for cosmetic changes, check out the best cosmetic Stardew Valley mods!

Stardew Valley Mods: Expanded Shop Inventories

If you’re a Stardew Valley veteran, you’ll know exactly what to expect from Pierre’s, Clint’s, Marnie’s, Krobus’s and Robin’s. But you also know that sometime they don’t sell what you’d expect them to have in stock. Furthermore, isn’t it annoying when you need a specific something but don’t have the tools or desire to go to the mines, or go out to the forest to forage. Well, thankfully this mod adds various items to the various shops in-game.

expanded shop

Clint now also sells

  • Clay
  • Copper Bar
  • Iron Bar
  • Gold Bar
  • Quartz
  • Earth Crystal
  • Frozen Tear
  • Fire Quartz
  • Charcoal Kiln
  • Furnace
  • Lightning Rod
  • Iron Fence
  • Iron Lamp-post
  • Staircase

Krobus now also sells

  • Void Essence (infinite, but more expensive)
  • Solar Essence (infinite, but more expensive)

Robin now also sells

  • Hardwood
  • Clay

Pierre now also sells

  • Deluxe Fertilizer
  • Tree Fertilizer

Marnie now also sells

  • Milk
  • Goat milk
  • Cheese
  • Goat Cheese
  • Wool
  • Cloth
  • Truffle
  • Truffle Oil
  • Auto-Petter

You can download the Expanded Shop Inventories mod here.

Stardew Valley Mods: CJB Cheats Menu

Some people like to work and earn their rewards the way the game intended, but then there’s also those who want to just play the game and not worry about anything. And considering certain rules that the already-lenient Stardew Valley game has, giving yourself complete and free reign could be what’s missing for some people.

This mod allows for pretty much everything. You can increase your skill level, your friendship level, you can change the weather, warp to different locations and pretty much get rid of any and all constraints.

You can download the CJB Cheats Menu mod here.

Stardew Valley Mods: Tractor Mod

Are you one of the people who’s made one of the biggest farms out there but going about and harvesting your earnings is just tedious? Well, you’re not the only one who thought so. In fact, there’s a mod that adds a tractor to your game. One that introduces a series of new tools.

You’ll need to buy the tractor garage from Robin, after which you’ll have access to the powerful and incredibly useful tractor! The tractor adds a series of features to the game, including:

Tractor ModWhat it does
Axe Clears twigs / weeds / dead crops.
Fertiliser  Fertilises crops and trees.
Grass starters  Plant grass.
Hoe  Tills dirt, digs artifact spots, and clears weeds.
Melee weapons Clear dead crops and break mine containers.
Milk Pail Collects milk from farm animals
Pickaxe  Breaks rocks, and clears weeds / dead crops / tilled dirt
Scythe  Harvests crops / bushes / flowers / forage / fruit trees / long grass, and clears weeds / dead crops
Seeds  Plant seeds in dirt
Watering can Waters crops
Tractor Mods – Stardew Valley

You can download the Tractor Mod here.

Stardew Valley Mods: Farmer Helper

Okay, we’re not perfect farmers. Right? We all make mistakes here and there and there’s not really much we can do about it. Or is there? Well thanks to the Farmer Helper, we might actually be able to become better farmers! This mod is actually a god-send. Sometimes we simply forget to do things and it can cost us later down the line!

This mod adds some reminders, prompting us to be the best farmers we could possibly be:

  • Label seeds that are too late in the season to plant
  • Prevent late planting
  • Will warn about plants that need watering before sleep
  • Will warn about plants that need harvesting before sleep
  • Notify when animals outside before sleep
  • Warn about animals that need petting before sleep
  • Warn about animals harvesting before sleep

You can download the Farmer Helped mod here.

There you have it, some of the best gameplay mods to add to your game now, I hope you enjoy them!

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