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What is ‘Favorite Thing’ in Stardew Valley?

Here’s what the Favorite Thing option in character creator is meant for.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022 2:17 pm
What is ‘Favorite Thing’ in Stardew Valley?

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When players are setting up their Stardew Valley character, they will come across a field for ‘Favorite Thing’ right after the player name and farm name. Many players have wondered what this field is for and whether the answer affects the Stardew Valley gameplay experience or not. Here is how your Favorite Thing answer comes into play. 

What does the player’s Favorite Thing do in Stardew Valley? 

Stardew Valley is a game known for its attention to detail, which is why the Favorite Thing field is for more than just trivia. Throughout the game, players will come across ‘Stardrops’, a valuable fruit that grants maximum energy. Stardrops are found foraging in certain locations and are also given as rewards for completing side quests. 

Once the player consumes the Stardrop, text will appear on the bottom of the screen. 

“Your mind is filled with thoughts of [Favorite Thing].”

“It’s strange, but the taste reminds you of [Favorite Thing.]”

Here, the player’s Favorite Thing entry will be shown on screen as what Stardrop fruit tastes like. No matter what the player enters in ‘Favorite Thing’, it will show up in the Stardrop description text. Therefore, there’s little effect on gameplay, but this personalizes the experience for the player.

Favorite Thing Easter Eggs

Players have discovered that there are two ways of triggering special text for the Stardrop sequence. If players enter in ‘ConcernedApe’ as their Favorite Thing, the Stardrop description text is slightly altered to read:

“You found a Stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of… ConcernedApe? (Well, thanks!)” 

The second Easter Egg occurs when players enter ‘Stardew’ as their Favorite Thing. After eating a Stardrop, the bottom text will read: 

“You found a Stardrop! You feel an unwavering connection to the valley itself…” 

Apart from displaying unique text, these Easter Eggs do not provide any significant changes to the gameplay experience. Many players choose to enter in ConcernedApe only to feel as if the game developer is thanking them personally. Stardew Valley is filled with heartwarming Easter Eggs and secrets such as these that make for a unique and personalized gaming experience.

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