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Where to Find Nautilus Shells in Stardew Valley?

Nautilus Shells are a valuable item in Stardew Valley. Here’s how to find them.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 11:50 am

Nautilus Shells are a collectible in Stardew Valley, most useful for filling up Community Center bundles. There are many different ways to get a Nautilus Shell in the game, but not all of the methods have a 100% success rate. That’s why it helps to try out a few methods to increase the odds of receiving the shell. Here’s where to find Nautilus Shells in Stardew Valley.

Where to Find a Nautilus Shell

Here are the different methods of finding a Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley: 


Foraging on the beach is one of the easiest ways to get a Nautilus Shell. You’re more likely to find the shell during Winter, with a 48% chance of happening across one when on the east and west part of the beach. 


Demetrius will mail you a Nautilus Shell if you have a friendship greater than level 0 with him. However, this method isn’t guaranteed, and you might get an amethyst instead. 

Beach Farm

For players who have chosen Beach as their Farm layout at the beginning of the game, Nautilus Shells have a high chance of spawning no matter which season. 

Feast of the Winter Star

During this feast on Winter 25th, one of the villagers will gift you a Nautilus Shell. It helps if you have higher friendship levels with most of the villagers, but this method has the highest success rate. The only downside is the feast occurs once a year.

What to do with Nautilus Shells in Stardew Valley? Nautilus Shells Uses

Here’s what you can do once you get a Nautilus Shell: 

  1. Field research bundle: In the community center, you’ll find the Field Research Bunde. The Nautilus Shell is one of the items required to complete it. 
  2. Strapped Top: Using the sewing machine, combine the shell with a cloth to create a Strapped Top for your player. 
  3. Gift for Leo: Leo is the only NPC that likes Nautilus Shells as a gift. Most other players are neutral to it. 
  4. Sell: You can get a decent amount for shells.
    Normal – 120g
    Silver – 150g
    Gold – 180g
    Iridium – 240g

Nautilus Shells are much more common during the Winter in Stardew Valley, so make sure to keep a lookout for them.

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