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Stray Badge Locations – How to Collect Them All

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Updated: Jul 26, 2022 10:47 am
Stray Badge Guide

Having a tough old time ticking off the last one or two Stray badges?

Fret not, you’ll find all the details you need to unlock the Badges trophy here in this guide. 

There are six Stray badges in total, each one generally hidden behind a small puzzle, fetch quest, or major story beat throughout different parts of Walled City 99, chiefly the Slums, the Antvillage, and Midtown.

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Stray Music Badge – The Slums

Stray Badge Guide

To unlock the Music Badge, you need to find and deliver all eight sheets of music to Morusque the musician robot in the Slums.

Easier said than done. For more details and all the Stray Sheet Music locations, check out our dedicated guide.

Plant Badge – Antvillage

Stray Badge Guide

You can unlock the Plant badge by completing the Malo Plant fetch quest during your visit to the Antvillage. You’ll need to find red, yellow, and purple plants to complete the task.

Check out our Stray Antvillage Plant guide for more details.

Stray Police Badge – Midtown

Unless you’ve spent hours exploring every nook and cranny of Midtown, it’s unlikely you’ll stumble across the Police Badge by chance.

Stray Badge Guide

Head down the alley to the right of the clothing store. Hop onto the worktable on the right, then onto the air con units above. Make your way up and towards the end of the alley as far as you can go.

Once you hit the back wall, jump onto the air con unit on the left (pictured above) and make your way up until you come to a ledge with a red pipe and barred window.

Hop through the window to find a jail cell with a robot lying on the floor. Interact with the robot to unlock the Stray Police Badge.

Cat Badge – Midtown

Stray Badge Guide

Jump onto the counter, then into the shop pictured above. It’s located on the right-hand side of the main Midtown stretch. Look for a robot wearing a conical straw hat conversing with another who’s lost power.

Stray Badge Guide

At the back of the shop, you’ll find a translate prompt that reveals a code, but written backwards. Flip it round – the code is 8542.

Stray Badge Guide

Turn around and jump to the top of the shelves to find a safe. Enter the code to open it and unlock the Stray Cat Badge.

Stray Neco Badge – Midtown

Next, we have the Neco Badge, which you can pick up when stealing the Atomic Battery from the Neco Factory.

Keep an eye out for a robot shining a light over a railing about mid-way through the area. They’ve lost their keys. You’ll come across the robot near the entrance of the third room patrolled by sentinels.

As for the keys, continue through the factory until you come to a section where you need to hide behind the moving trash cages to avoid the sentinels. It’s located on a small mound of trash in the water. It’s on the right before the barrel stepping stones leading to the next moving cage section.

Stray Badge Guide

Pick up the keys and return them to the robot to pick up the Neco Badge.

Stray Outsiders Badge – Dead End

The Outsiders badge nlocks automatically at the start of the Dead End chapter.

With all the Stray badges in hand, you’ll unlock the Badges trophy.

You may also notice that upon earning a badge, it gets stitched to your cat’s backpack. These appear even if you jump back to play through a previous chapter as long as your on the same save.

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