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Stray Energy Drink Locations – All Vending Machines in The Slums

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Updated: Jul 26, 2022 11:01 am
Stray Energy Drink Locations – All Vending Machines in The Slums

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Energy drinks are a handy currency in Stray’s post-apocalyptic world, allowing you to buy some useful items from Azooz the merchant in the Slums.

These play an important in ticking the Slums side quests, including picking up one of D-12’s memories and sheet music for Morusque the musician.

You’ll find energy drinks at vending machines scattered throughout the Slums. Machines still cradling a few cans of that jittery juice emit a noticeable artificial light.

Here’s where to find them along with an answer to whether a fourth Stray energy drink exists.

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Stray Energy Drink Locations

Energy Drink 1

You’ll find the first Stray energy drink at the turquoise vending machine located immediately opposite the musician robot. It’s located to the left and down a flight of stairs from the red-cloaked, staff-wielding Guardian. Interact with the machine to get the Stray energy drink.

Energy Drink 2

Stray Energy Drink

The second vending machine, a white one this time, is next to the ‘RIP Humans’ graffiti. You’ll find it by going up a short flight of steps a little ways down from the laundromat’s front door.

If you’re struggling to find your bearings, head down the Slums’ main stairway, take a right, then a sharp left, follow the alley up a flight of stairs and you’ll find it.

Energy Drink 3

Stray Energy Drink

The third Stray energy drink is available from a red vending machine located on the roof of the building immediately behind where you picked up the second energy drink. The machine isn’t far from the entrance to Doc’s apartment.

Is There a Fourth Drink?

To buy out Azooz’s entire stock, you’ll need a total of four Stray energy drinks – one for the sheet music and three for the memory. Is there a fourth can? Yes, it’s just hidden away.

Head to Grandma Clothing and take a right. Continue forward until you come to a wooden ladder. Jump onto the crates on the left, then up onto the balcony immediately above to find a yellow vending machine. Paw away at the keypad to pick up the fourth energy drink.

What Can You Buy With Stray Energy Drinks?

You can use energy drinks to purhase exactly two items from Azooz the Slums merchant:

  • One energy drink nets you the Sheet Music 4/8.
  • For three energy drinks, you can buy the B-12 memory – the Slums memory 2/7- hidden under the piece of cloth.

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