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Stray Security Camera Locations – Where to Find Them All

I always feel like somebody's watching me

Updated: Jul 19, 2022 2:00 pm
Stray Security Camera Locations – Where to Find Them All

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Struggling to find all the Stray security camera locations?

Upon first visiting the residence, you bump into Simon, who explains that the sentinels and their security setup are cramping his gang’s style. 

He drafts you in to destroy three cameras scattered around the Residence. 

Here’s where to find all the camera locations.

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Stray Security Camera Locations

Security Camera Location 1

Stray Security Camera Locations

Stand in front of Simon and look left. Spot the flailing robot with their head tilted upwards. Follow their gaze to find the first Stray security camera. 

To knock it off, head up the big staircase to the second floor of the Residence. Turn left then run straight until you come level with the upper branches of the tree. 

Jump onto the low wall above the camera, then onto the air con units, and finally to the first security camera.

Security Camera Location 2

Stray Security Camera Locations

The second Stray security camera is located on the second floor of the residence, not far from the first. From the low wall above the first camera look to the front of the residence. You’ll spot the camera sitting above a window and to the left of a row of flower pots.

To reach the security camera, hop on top of the stack of plastic-covered boxes on the right, then on to a wooden plank, and finally to the camera itself.

Security Camera Location 3

From the location of the second Stray security camera, look to the courtyard and note the advertising screen jutting out on the right. It reads what looks like ‘one’ sided by a small robot head.

Head right, then left, and hop onto the low wall to reach the third Stray security camera.

Head back to Simon to report your successful round of vandalism and receive a cassette tape that comes in handy very shortly.

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