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Stray Sheet Music – All Slums Locations

Cat Stevens

Updated: Jul 19, 2022 2:00 pm

Stray Sheet Music is scattered throughout the Slums, often hidden away in dark corners or high balconies.

To help you tick off one of Stray’s more enjoyable trophies and grab yourself the Music Badge, we’ve compiled a list of all the Stray Sheet Music locations.

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Sheet Music 1/8

Stray Music Sheet Locations

Sheet Music 1/8 is sitting on a shelf in a small room inside Momo’s flat. 

Stray Music Sheet Locations

As you come into the flat, head towards the kitchen at the back. Take a left after the green radio on the ground. Go through the opening at the bottom of the closed door. Jump up to the shelf at the back to find the sheet music.

Sheet Music 2/8

Stray Music Sheet Locations

Head to the bar’s entrance and jump up to the roof above. Look right to see a network of large red pipes. Jump onto these to access a balcony with a small wooden table and two plastic chairs. Find the Stray Sheet Music 2/8 on the table.

Sheet Music 3/8

Stray Music Sheet Locations

The Stray Sheet Music 3/8 is tacked to a large picture of a robot on the bottom floor of Elliot’s flat. 

The entrance to the flat is located next to Grandma Clothing. Scratch at the door with the schematics taped to it to be let in.

Sheet Music 4/8

Stray Music Sheet Locations

You can buy Sheet Music 4/8 from Azooz the merchant in the Slums. The sheet costs one energy drink. If you need a hand tracking down cans of the jittery juice, check out our dedicated guide.

Sheet Music 5/8

Head to the upper floor of the Slums bar. The Stray Sheet Music 5/8 is lying on the table of the middle seating booth.

Sheet Music 6/8

Sheet Music 6/8 is located in the flat accessible from the rooftops above the bar. 

Once inside, head to the back of the room through the sliding door. Turn right to find the sheet music on a low shelf.

Sheet Music 7/8

The Stray Sheet Music 7/8 can be found in the flat covered from floor to ceiling in books. 

To access the flat, jump to the balcony above the white vending machine and ‘RIP Humans’ graffiti. Alternatively, head to the rooftops and look for the sofa and TV – the entrance to the flat is behind these.

Once inside, you’ll find the sheet sitting on a piano.

Sheet Music 8/8

Head down the alleyway to the right of the musician. There, you’ll find a safe. Inside is the Sheet Music 8/8. Check out our guide to finding the Slums safe code if you’re having trouble getting it open.

With all the Stray Sheet Music in hand, chat with Morusque the musician robot to hear some jaunty ditties and pick up the Music Badge.

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