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Stray Slums Safe Code Guide

Need help unlocking the safe in the Slums?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022 2:00 pm
Stray Slums Safe Code Guide

Having a tough time deciphering the Stray Slums safe code?

Among the numerous puzzles in the Slums is a secret safe tucked away down an alley to the right of the musician that requires some deftness and wit to unlock.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the various steps you need to take in order to unlock it yourself, or if you really don’t want to bother with that, you’ll find the code at the bottom of this guide.

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Finding the Stray Slums Safe Code

Stray Slums Safe Code

Deciphering the Binary Code

Your first clue to get the safe’s code lies in the little note left on the safe. It reads ‘Follow the numbers’ and is written in a string of binary. Although you’re surrounded by robots whom you would assume speak the numeric language, they tell you that only a real nerd can understand that code. At this point, you need to go and find Elliot.

Stray Slums Safe Code

Elliot is in his little hovel, located between the bar and Grandma Clothing. You you can ‘knock’ on a door and sneak in. Go up the stairs and you’ll find Elliot. Show him the code and he’ll give you the next clue.

Stray Slums Safe Code

The Safe Code

Head to the bar. There you’ll find the code for the Slums safe. Jump up to the counter and go to the very far left of the bar. Just above the neon lights, you’ll see a prompt to claw down the photo above it. Doing so unveils the code.

Stray Slums Safe Code

Once you’ve unlocked the safe you’ll find the Sheet Music 8/8.

Stray Slums Safe Code

If you just want to get the safe open as soon as possible then here is the code – 1283.

There’s the Slums safe code but don’t forget there’s a number of other things to find in the Slums. If you need help finding the Slums Memories, you can read our Memories locations guide.

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