Is The Anacrusis single player?

Single player is coming at point, but its not what some may hope it to be.

The Anacrusis single player

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The Anacrusis is the latest coop shooter to launch, with its official release dropping on January 13 in Early Access or Preview. Since many players are interested in the game for its interesting visual style and getting that itch, B4B did not quite fulfil it. Since the game has been released in early access, or Preview if you’re on Xbox Game Pass or PC, players wonder what features are included, one of them being an Anacrusis single-player option.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. There is no single player for The Anacrusis, at least not yet anyway. The developers posted a few FAQ-related questions on their account’s Zendesk, detailing some of the game’s upcoming features.

The idea behind The Anacrusis’ single-player feature is to be a means of correctly testing mods. Mods are a feature that is part of the game’s long-term development plan, giving the game plenty of new life. Since the devs don’t think it is worth it as a mainstay feature, it won’t et proper support. The reason why is because they don’t want t focus too much on AI development. They are in the game and are useful if players leave your game. However, they are not that great. If you’re familiar with the Aliens Fireteam Elite game that dropped last summer, you might recognise this theme among coop shooter games.

Therefore, if you’re only interested in playing the game in single-player, it is highly advised you skip out on the game. Of course, the dev’s may change their tone at some point, as the genre-defining game, Left 4 Dead has great interaction with ai and the ability to play through the campaign with ease with your bots.

If you want to see the dev’s response yourself, you can check it out over on the Zendesk webpage. You can also check out The Anacrusis roadmap, which mentions modding’s addition if you’re interested in hat content?