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The Forest Console Commands – Cheat Codes and More in 2022

Updated: May 8, 2022 11:14 pm
The Forest Console Commands – Cheat Codes and More in 2022

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The Forest is a great survival game, as long as you don’t mind running around a forest building huts and dodging evil cannibals. It’s also one of the survival titles with an exciting storyline on top of the decent survival mechanics. As well as keeping yourself alive, you need to piece together what has happened in the area, and that’s a tall order with plenty of man-eating monsters chasing you down. If you’ve been struggling to make head or tail of what is happening in the game, you’ll need to try out these console commands.

The Forest console commands can keep you alive, give you great control over the game mode itself, and even tell you where key locations are in the world. We’ve put all of the most interesting console commands into the list below to make your time escaping killer cannibals as easy as possible.

Activate the Console

The Forest Console Commands Inventory

You won’t need to do too much to get the console to work since it’s immediately available on the game’s PC version. However, you’ll need to put the game into developer mode to use the more advanced commands. Once you’ve booted the game, wait for the title screen to show up, then use your keyboard to type the code below. There won’t be any indication that it’s worked, but you can find out by tapping F1 and seeing if the console pops up.


The Forest Useful Console Commands

Since there’s a fair selection of different commands for you to work with, we’ve separated them into various categories to make them easier to find. This first section will only cover console commands that you can use without the dev mode being active. All you have to do is type these phrases into the keyboard while you’re on the main menu. Incidentally, if you plug a USB keyboard into your PS4, these commands will work on that version as well.

Command EffectConsole Command
Makes all buildings in your world indestructibleironforest
Disables all currently active cheats/modesmeatmode
Activates Iron-Man mode (death deletes save)rawmeatmode
Forces 10% of trees to regrow while you’re sleepingregrowmode
Enemies only appear in cavesveganmode
Enemies only appear at nightvegetarianmode
Resets every hole made by the hole cutter or cranewoodpaste

The Forest Cheat Console Commands

The Forest Console Commands Jumping

Once you’re done playing around with some of the weirder game modes featured above, you can jump into these more powerful commands. Remember, you’ll need to use the above instructions to activate Developer Mode. It’s also important to point out that you can really ruin the challenge for yourself here, so make sure you know what you’re doing before executing a command.

Command EffectConsole Command
Shines a bright light around youcavelight on
Turns on godmodegodmode on
Turns on ‘creative mode’ style buildingbuildhack on
Removes all blueprints that you’ve placedcancelallghosts
Builds all blueprints that you’ve placedbuildallghosts
Adds all non-story itemsaddallitems
Adds all story-based itemsaddallstoryitems
Turns off all survival needssurvival off
Kills all enemies currently alive in the gamekillallenemies
Changes weather to heavy rain forcerain heavy
Changes weather to sun forcerain sunny
Cuts down [amount] of treescutdowntrees [amount]
Stops consumable items from running out itemhack on
Makes you run insanely fast (can be deadly without god mode)speedyrun on
Turns off fast running againspeedyrun off

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