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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom voice actors

Updated: May 4, 2023 4:45 pm
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With the new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the horizon we bet you’re looking to see exactly where you recognise those voices from! Have no fear Bokoblins, we are here to show you the current full list of actors behind the characters.

The voices behind The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

With a few additions to the cast in this newest adventure into the world of Hyrule and beyond, this game will be filled with voices you recognise and all absolutely honing in on the soul of the Zelda franchise and bringing the world to life. So far we have announcements for the following characters:

  • Princess Zelda
  • Princess Mipha
  • Daruk and Yenobo
  • Revali, Teba, and The Great Duku Tree
  • Urbosa and Riju
  • Prince Sidon
  • King Rhoam
  • Gannondorf

Princess Zelda – Patricia Summersett

Patricia Summersett will be reprising her role as the title-bearing Princess Zelda as she did when we first heard her as the voice behind the reasoning words of the Triforce in Breath of the Wild. Patricia Summersett is also known for her work voicing characters throughout the Assassins Creed games and TV credits in The Disappearance.

Princess Mipha – Amelia Goth

Princess Mipha is one of the original Champions of Hyrule that helps Link and Zelda in their attempt to stop Calamity Ganon before he takes over and rules Hyrule for 100 years. As the princess of the Zora, Mipha is a big role within Breath of the Wild and we expect her to make a similar sized appearance in Tears of the Kingdom. Amelia Goth ( Amelia M. Gotham) also voiced Mipha in the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity game.

Daruk and Yenobo – Joe Hernandez

Joe Hernandez has done extensive work within the voice acting community, including himself in over 60 games such as Lost Ark and Saints Row. It is no surprise then that this hard hitting powerhouse is voicing two of the Goron Tribe main characters with Yenobo and Daruk.

Revali, Teba and The Great Deku Tree – Sean Chiplock

When signing up to voice The Great Deku Tree, we don’t think Sean Chiplock knew that his majestic vocal tones would be also needed for the leading Rito characters Revali and Teba! With Chiplock being known mostly for his work in Japanese Anime his addition to the gaming community has been a pleasure in other titles such as God of War and Midnight Suns.

Urbosa and Riju – Elizabeth Maxwell

Elizabeth Maxwell voices both of the fearless leaders of the Gerudo she brings to life both Urbosa and Riju. Maxwell has a plethora of Voice acting credits starring as Ymir in Attack on Titan and recently in the new game Honkai: Star Rail.

Prince Sidon – Jamie Mortarello

The Rito prince quickly became a fan favourite within the Zelda franchise due to his charismatic nature when helping Link bring down Ganon so it is no surprise he is voiced by the equally charismatic Jamie Mortarello. Mortarello also has voice credits that include Horizon Zero Dawn and the 2016 version of Hitman.

King Rhoam – Bill Rogers

The commanding King Rhoam needed a calm, collected and powerful voice behind him, in comes Bill Rogers. With so many credits under his name we can’t think of someone more qualified than Rogers to bring this stern King of Hyrule to life.

Gannondorf – Matt Mercer

The versatile voice of Matt Mercer lends itself perfectly to Gannondorf. Mercer himself being one of the most recognisable voice in games and voice over work in recent years, his credits spanning not only his own Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Critical Role, but anime dub work in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures as Jotaro Kujo and Cassidy in Overwatch.

Not only is Tears of the Kingdom highly anticipated but the cast behind it are some of the best in the industry, we have no doubt they will have done a fantastic job at bringing Hyrule and its inhabitants to life and cannot wait to experience all of it! Now if you don’t mind us we are going to be shady Sheikah and hide off in the shadows until this game is released!

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