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My Top 5 jerseys for Madden 23

Updated: Aug 12, 2022 7:02 pm
Madden 23 Tyreek Hill

One aspect of any new sports game that fans always look forward to, is the jerseys teams will have available in the latest edition.

Well with teams across the NFL already showcasing which new looks they will wear at some point this season, there’s a lot to be excited about for what’s to come in Madden 23 and the different outfits that gamers can get to rock with their teams.

There’s been a lot of great new jerseys that have been released. And determining which will make the Top 5, will come down to not only how authentic and original they are, but also how they embody the spirit of each team they represent.

On that note, here’s a look at my Top 5 jerseys for Madden 23.

Orange Chi Town Bears Uniform Bears
Curtesy of the Chicago Bears Twitter Page

5. Chicago Bears Orange Alternate

The Chicago Bears are bringing an all-orange look that looks very snazzy and refreshing. The Bears frequently represent their team with a dark navy blue that is complemented with an orange and white trim.

The boldness of embracing the orange side of their color scheme, brings an authentic feel to this team and provides a fiery demeanor. The Bears will be debuting these new jerseys and helmets come October 13th when they host the Washington Commanders on Thursday Night Football.

Black NY Jets Uniform Jets
Curtesy of the New York Jets Twitter Page

4. New York Jets Black Alternate

The New York Jets all too often love to sport green or white jerseys and different variations of the two, which has grown to be somewhat bland over the years.

That said, the introduction of their new, stealthy black and green uniforms was a welcoming sight and an original idea that we haven’t see the Jets sport (this marks the first time in franchise history that the Jets will wear black helmets). The look is clean and provides a daunting presence with the prominence of their black color.

Blue NY Giants Uniforms Giants
Curtesy of the New York Giants Twitter Page

3. New York Giants Blue Alternate

The New York Giants are bringing back their vintage blue 1980s-1990s look and its very classy. The Giants are known for their ‘NY’ logo on the side of their helmet. But when sporting these new uniforms, it will read ‘Giants’ on the helmet, just as they used to over three decades ago.

Though the Giants usually sport blue jerseys every year, the red and white stripped sleeves and red line down the middle of the helmet is a sharp look, highlighting the prominence and legacy of this franchise.

The Giants will be wearing these throwback uniforms for at least two games during the regular season.

Red NE Patriots Uniform Patriots
Curtesy of the New England Patriorts Twitter Page

2. New England Patriots Red Alternate

Yes! You saw correctly and they look beautiful. The authentic red New England Patriots jerseys are back and they look menacing as ever. With the clean white helmets sporting a patriot in a snapping position as their logo, there’s something that’s so fresh and eye-catching about these uniforms that make them hard to resist.

The last time the Patriots wore this look was in 2009, just about 13 years ago. So it’s been a long time coming and fans will be rejoiced to be able to rock them once more in Madden 23.

White Cincy Bengal Uniforms PFF
Curtesy of Pro Football Focus’s Twitter Page

1. Cincinnati Bengals White Alternate

When I saw the Cincinnati Bengals white tiger uniforms for the first time, I was blown away. White tigers, as some know, are a very rare but revered species. And the uniform resemblance to that of the white tiger, was a brilliant idea for the Bengals.

With hardly a lick of orange on their jerseys, the black stripes work quite nicely with the while helmets and uniforms and bring out a different kind of empowering feel that Bengals fans haven’t been exposed to yet.

The Bengals will sport these jerseys on color rush Thursday Night Football showdowns at least, if not, throughout the regular season. They are by far the coolest uniform in my opinion and will be fun to rep in Madden 23.

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