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These Maps Need To Be Brought To MW2

Updated: Apr 18, 2023 10:58 pm
Termianl MW2 map

Something that has felt lackluster about MW2 is the map pool. Despite the game making constant nods to the original MW2 in the story, the multiplayer is missing remakes and re-imaginings of key some of the most popular maps from the original MW2. Here are some of the maps that the community wants to see added to MW2.

Maps MW2 Need To Add Into Multiplayer

While we do have some copies of original MW2 maps added into Warzone and Ground War maps. They are not in a usable state for classic 6v6 multiplayer. Maps like Rust and Highrise can be found in bigger maps and are neat nods, but we want to be able to boot them up in multiplayer like the old days.

  • Terminal

A staple map that anyone will think of when MW2 gets brought up. Countless afternoons have been spent on this map. Fighting for the escalators, camping on the plane, even holding the top storage room and watching the long hallway. While we do have a recreation of this map in Warzone 2, it’s just not the same.

  • Crash
crash1 1

While we did receive a remake of this map in 2019’s MW, we need it again in MW2. We know that they clearly already have it remade in the current engine that MW2 uses, so why not just slap it into the game as a part of an update?

  • Highrise

Another map that was remade in Warzone 2, but this one isn’t even a main POI for players to land it. Without knowing where you are dropping, you could easily miss the two skyscrapers that are close together. While it is a more modern take on the map, it is unmistakably Highrise from the original MW2. Making it another map that can easily be ported into multiplayer as it is already fully made.

  • Quarry

Just to rub some salt in the wound, we have another Warzone 2 exclusive map remake. But this time, they didn’t bother to change the name and made it a whole POI. It is actually one of the best places to land in Warzone 2, especially if you can remember the layout from the original MW2. Since it is fully remade, it could easily be slotted into multiplayer as a larger 12v12 map if needed since it seems a bit big for 6v6.

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