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Diablo Immortal Tier List: Best classes in Diablo Immortal

We rank the best classes in Diablo Immortal using a tier list with an explanation for each class.

Updated: Jun 3, 2022 5:56 pm
Diablo Immortal Tier List: Best classes in Diablo Immortal

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Diablo Immortal is out, and now players have the chance to play the six classes in the latest addition to the ARPG franchise. While the game has launched in a fairly decent spot, with most of the classes balanced rather well. However, the meta salve in us wants to know what are the best classes in Diablo Immortal. So, we have made a tier list to show off such things.

Diablo Immortal Tier List

Before we go further, there are many strengths and weaknesses to each of the classes in the game. Some are better at mobility, defensiveness, damage, utility and more. So, take the Tier list with a  pinch of salt. The direction that this tier list is going to go is largely in the damaged area, as that is what is more than likely going to allow you to progress through the harder difficulty content in the game. Moreso, learning how to position and deal damage effectively is going to reduce the risk of you needing buffs, great movement or other survival facts, so a great player will truly make these classes shine. It also takes PvP into consideration slightly, but only a minor part of ranking a class.

Therefore, to summarize this Diablo Immortal Tier List, it is largely based on effectiveness at end game PvE. Does this mean this tier list has flaws, yes!  But, it is a subjective opinion after all. With that said, if your pick ranks high, congrats. If it doesn’t, then it really doesn’t matter, as each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. So, enjoy whatever you want to play, as it really doesn’t matter too much at the end of the day outside of the 1% community.

With the caveats out of the way, here is a look at how we rank the best Diablo Immortal classes.

SDemon Hunter, Wizard.
A+Barbarian, Necromancer.
ACrusader, Monk, 

Diablo Immortal best classes in the tier list explained

Below we offer some explanations as to why we rank the classes in our tier list for each class. If you want more elaborate explanations, feel free to check out our best classes in Diablo Immortal, which goes through PvP, party, solo and DPS rankings.

Demon Hunter

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The Demon Hunter is more than likely going to be the meta pick, at least based on pre-release information. The Demon Hunter has some incredible high-risk, high-reward gameplay, thanks to some powerful buffs like Vengeance and Volley, which empower the crossbow shots to your primary crossbow shot skill. It means you can rip out empowered shots, along with multi shooting the target at the same time. Add in legendaries like the Hungered, and this can even hit multiple targets if you line them up well. Demon Hunters are going to do some incredible single target damage, and likely be incredibly strong in boss encounter ladders.

However, they have a few weaknesses, which are largely its squishyness and movement skills. You do have tools like Escape, and Smoke bomb, but they are fairly limited, and it means the better players will reap more from the Demon Hunter, while those still learning may struggle with this class’ skill ceiling.

It also means this class is another high skill ceiling PvP character, which is either a negative or a positive, depending on whether you can beat the challenge.

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Diablo Immortal Wizard Guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the Wizard is incredibly powerful and mobile. The class has plenty of utility, ranging from a black hole to suck enemies in, combined with lazer beams and scorched fields to take out bosses in single target and AOE for the packs. The core build at least in the pre-release used a combination of Back holes to clump enemies up together, Teleport to easily escape any danger, followed by spells like Disintegrate and Meteors to do some incredible bursts to both single and packs of enemies. Alternatively, you can use an ice pillar to slow enemies down, then channel a lazer into it for sustained damage while channelling to multiple enemies.

Therefore, there are plenty of ways to play a wizard. This class has so many options, meaning there is something for every type of content and playstyle around there. It is not as punishing as the Necromancer or Demon Hunter either, with its added mobility and utility. This will likely make appearances on the ladder for a variety of content.

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The A+ Tier


Diablo Immortal mobile release early
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The Barbarian is a relatively quick class, able to get in and out of combat with ease. It also has some great party utility in the form of granting allies bonus movement speed and damage with the right legendaries. However, it does not put out as much sustained damage as the classes above. However, its whirlwind skill is still as iconic and perhaps one of the best AOE skills in the game. Overall, it is a great class, with the ability to take on all content with ease.

As an added bonus, this class is good in PvP, with its fast movement able to get it to jump on targets, and it is also quite durable against targets too. Again, a solid class. You can probably consider it A+ tier.


Diablo Immortal Necromancer build guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The Necromancer is a very slow class, with limited defensiveness options. However, where it lacks in mobility and survivability, it sure makes up for in terms of damage. There are a few ways to play this class, with zones that deal poison, followed by explosions of damage. Or you raise an army of the dead and melt with empowered summons and buffs to them. 

Both classes are great for dealing damage, and offer the player decent solo and group content playstyles. In addition, Soulfire is one of the strongest primary spell attacks in the game, with an ultimate version that destroys packs of enemies in and of itself. This class is great for dealing with both sustained single target and AOE damage, making it more than capable of progressing end game content and leveling with ease. Plus, the summon build negates most of the Necromancer’s weaknesses of slow and squishy, as there is a big golem that can tank mobs for you, while your intense damage kills packs before they chew through your or your summons.

However, this class is not great in PvP. The class is too slow to escape the wrath of most classes, and the builds tend to benefit from coordinated  AOE zones, or use an AI-controlled pet to do the damage. These can easily be avoided by good players, rendering the Necromancer weak. 

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A Tier


Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Meanwhile, the Crusader is a jack of all trades character, with a decent AOE and an incredible support build available. The class is fast, with mount up-skill offering some fast gameplay. It is also a great character for party play, which you can even build to grant allies defensive and offensive buffs solely. Builds like this will use skills like Holy Banner and Conjuration of Light to prevent damage, and to bolster their allies’ crit chance respectively.

If you would rather play solo, the shield buffs to your life, along with the plenty of AOE skills make the Crusader viable in sustaining damage fighting multiple hostiles. Your main skills here are Drawn and Quarter for CC, movement and AOE, while using Consecration to deal big damage over a period of time in an area. Sync this with Drawn and Quarter to guarantee these enemies stay in the consecration. You will also use skills like Counterattack Storm for AOE damage and life shields. So rest assured, this class can handle end game solo, albeit a little slower than the other classes listed above.

It is also worth noting that the Crusader is the CC god in PvP. There are plenty of stuns, chains, slows, blinds and more at your disposal to really make this class a threat in the PvP game.


Diablo Immortal Monk Guide
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Lastly, we have the monk. This is another jack of all trades class with less emphasis on party utility and more on AOE damage. It also has some of the best movements in the game. You’ll find this class largely excelling in packs of enemies and surviving.

Your AOE Skills include skills that cleave, provide yourself with shields, and also CC targets. This is the reason why it makes the class good for solo play and great in PvP, especially with skills like Deadly Reach. For more PvE focused tools, you have Explosive Palm, and Cyclone being your primary damage tools, while Mystic Allies conjures two monk sprits to help fight, which is nice for both single target and multi-target fights. You can also use Seven sided strike to dodge damage and still deal damage if you find fights are challenging (also good in PvP too).

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There’s also an incredible tool for PvP called Shield of Zen, which grants CC immunity while active. As you can see, Monk is the god of PvP and AOE damage. If either of these are your focus, they are certainly worth considering.

This concludes our Diablo Immortal tier list and best class rundown. Hopefully, these quick summaries will help provide you with the information you need to make a decision on which class you want to play!

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