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League of Legends Jungle Tier List Patch 11.11

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League of legend’s Jungle role is one of the game’s most impactful roles. The Jungle offers a different way to farm, control the map, set up plays and help teammates through something called a gank. Throughout the years, the Jungle has gone through many different versions, with Season 11’s being more farm and gank orientated than it ever was. With that said, here is our Jungle Tier List reflecting the strengths of weaknesses of Junglers in the current patch.

Rankings Breakdown

  • S+ Tier contains the best Junglers right now, for a variety of reasons. The player base understands these characters’ strength so well that they are the best in all elos and the most dominant in professional play.
  • S Tier homes the other Junglers that are very good at the current game. Whether they are very powerful fits in the meta or some of the best Junglers to climb solo queue.
  • A Tier Junglers are strong Champions for the role, working well to an extent in professional play. Otherwise, they are nice champions to play in solo queue, with nice win rates and low congestion, so you can even make it if you want.
  • B Tier are some of the Junglers that we know and love. Unfortunately, they are not as strong as they once were, whether that’s down to systematic changes, the meta, or some nerfs recently. Players can still play them and win games with them, thus making them fine to pick.
  • C Tier Junglers are the ones that overall underpowered in the current era of the game. This could be down to a variety of reason. Champions that likely need a buff or a few systematic changes to go their way to climb the rankings again.
  • D Tier contains Junglers that we know can be played in the Jungle, but have fallen off a cliff for whatever reason. Typically Champions played in the Jungle to abuse something but are no longer relevant.

Jungler Rankings

  • S+: Udyr, Volibear.
  • S: Diana, Elise, Graves, Hecarim, Lillia, Olaf, Morgana, Nidalee, Nocturne, Nunu, Rammus, Rumble, Shaco, Skarner.
  • A: Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Gragas, Fiddlesticks, Jarvan IV, Karthus, Kayn, Master Yi, Viego, Xin Zhai, Warwick.
  • B: Ekko, Evelyn, Kha’Zix, Kindred, Lee Sin, Poppy, Rek’Sai, Rengar, Senjuani, Zac.
  • C: Ivern, Jax, Taliyah, Trundle, Wukong.
  • D: Pantheon, Shyvana, Sett.

S+ Tier Analysis

Volibear Skin
Volibear is one of the best diving meta Junglers in pro play. Image via Riot Games.

Udyr‘s nerfs over Season 11 has been worth it, but he is still a fast mover, even with Turbo CHemtank’s nerf. It seems likely the meta will keep Udyr in the top spot, especially now tank Hecarim is down in patch 11.9  His passive allows Udyr to build his movement speed up by switching forms, with an on-demand stun from Bear Stance. Combine with Chemtank’s speed, and we have ourselves a Zoomer. Moreso, Udyr’s Phoenix clears quickly, making him incredibly good in the farm and gank department.

Volibear decided he wanted to Jungle in Patch 11.6 and now is one of the better Junglers in the S Tier bracket. Volibear’s healing buff on neutrals makes his sustain so much better, and the E max damage cap allows him to reck multiple jungle minions in one go. Besides that, Voli’s kit fits the meta well, making him a decent side pick if Heca or Udyr is banned. It is evident in both Solo Queue and European Pro Play just how great Volibear is right now.

S Tier Meta in 11.11

Graves is that Jungle champion that will never go away. The Cigar smoking jungler Champion naturally clears very well with built-in cleave and pushback onto creeps and jungle camps. As a result, he will always be an efficient clearer and ganker with his dash that reloads his gun. Also, Graves is an excellent extra AD threat in any team comp, capable of bursting and sniping targets.

Olaf spent a lot of his time in recent year chilling in the balanced area of the game. But with Season 11’s role on gap closing, speed, and strong healing, Olaf is a great pick. Riot toned down the Viking through Goredrinker nerfs, but Stridebreaker makes him relevant in the gap closing potential instead.

Morgana got some buffs at the same time as Diana. While Riot only intended for Morgana to be slightly viable, she has since become an incredible meta Jungler. Her clear speeds are insanely good. While 11.11 nerfs her clear speeds, she is still a very powerful pick in the game.

Nocturne is one of the month’s flavour picks that doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon. The buff to Stridebreaker fixes one of Nocturne’s issues, allowing him to stay on top of opponents. The item is that good on him; he is a reasonable pick in Mid, Top and Jungle, but mainly the Jungle.

The Best Solo Queue Junglers 11.11

Diana recently emerged as a pick in 11,8 with her jungle clear changes. Riot only intended for some lower elo picks to be viable, but Diana is incredible right now. She got toned down in 11.9 to match the new role, but the loss of base defensive stats and attack speed only slows her clear down a slight amount.

Elise has always been one of the queen’s of the jungle. While she doesn’t see pro play anymore, Elise is still one of the most reliable picks to snowball in Solo Queue. The Spider-Queen has great neutral tanking with her spiders, strong sustain with her W, multiple burst damage spells and a long-range skill shot stun to get picks with. Her strength is mainly in the early game, which is all you need to snowball the game in Solo Queue.

There is nothing worse than encountering a Shaco main in your solo queue game in any elo. These tricksters know how to gank, with the blink invisibility allowing him to appear on your head without knowing. Also, the clone causes so much disruption and damage. It’s easy to see how a Shaco can cause a losing team so many issues, hence how good he is in Solo Queue.

One of the easiest Junglers to play and climb at the same time is Nunu. The Yeti and the Rider is a Champion with one of the best level two ganks in the game. The Snowball picks up speed, making him a quick ganker. Those hit by the snowball gets knocked into the air. If Nunu is level three, he can use his E to apply even more slows and a root. Consequently, some Flashes will be burnt, creating advantages for allied laners. The Chomp is also great sustain and will always output more damage than Smite, making Nunu a great objective controller.

The Crystal Scorpion, Skarner is one of the best tanks in the Jungle. The character clears well with his crystal mini-game. Regardless of his clear speeds, he is a solid ganker, with a skill shot stun and an ult that drags key targets into unfavourable positions. The W is a decent speed too. Overall, Skarner has the right tools to dominate games without being too OP, especially with Turbo Chemtank, making him even more viable.

Rammus is a new addition to the list as of Patch 11.8. The new Rammus changes make Rammus a solid tank, with his in built Thornmail taking care of ADC’s that are strong right now. Furthermore, his new Dive ultimate fits the meta right now, and if anything it is very familiar to the new Volibear ultimate. Definitely, one to consider, especially with the several AD threats in every role.

Rumble is a growing meme pick that has caught on all over the place. With endless nerfs to Rumble Mid, Rumble Jungle is a new cheese. He clears very well, has a gap closer attached to a shield, and his E’s slow and magic resistance debuff makes him quite a powerful jungler. Although, Rumble is nerfed in 11.11, and it is a big nerf too. His on hit overheat auto attack damage is down by 40, so his clear will no longer be that good against the buffs. Despite that, Rumble will cause  the same problems for enemy teams out of the Jungle, which works like a charm in the current game.

A Tier Highlights

Kayn Base Splash Art 300x169 1

Kayn is a popular Jungler for Solo Queue, with his multiple forms, team fighting, and assassinating potential. Image via Riot Games.

The majority of the Champions in the A Tier are Champions that fill a very similar role in the game to many in the S bracket, albeit slightly weaker. Most Junglers here are either valid alternatives to S tiers Champions or are potentially the best Solo Queue Junglers in certain situations. Here are a few of the highlights.

A Tier Popular Picks 11.11

Kayne is one of the more popular Junglers to play due to his aggressive game style. His passive allows him to transform into either a Bruiser or an Assassin, based on the types of champions he attacks. Assassin is referred to as Blue Kayne, making him a mobile damage dealer capable of outputting huge damage with abilities. Red Kayne is the Bruiser mode, which grants him lots of healing and CC in his kit. More often than not, Red Kayne is better in most team comps. However, the thing holding him back can be awkward interactions with his passive, sometimes delaying his power spike. Recent buffs in 11.9 focused on his Q’s damage, making him a bit more relevant.

Lillia launched in 2020 and has since helped fuel the Jungle farming meta ever since. The character’s role in the game makes her an initiator, dealing damage without ever getting caught due to her speed. The speed also makes her jungle patching very good.

Master Yi is the low elo solo queue stomper. Master Yi can run away with the game so much in every elo below Gold. His ability to charge down carries and duel them with ease, dodging key CC and harass with his Q. However, most players above Gold know how to stun down targets and prioritize, meaning Yi doesn’t do all that well from that point. So, if you’re reading this below Gold elo, go ahead and get freelo with one of the best Junglers in low elo.

Nidalee  is back now that there is more room for AP carry Junglers in the meta. Be warned she is still fairly high skill cap and requires two AD solo laners to not dampen the overall output of a team composition.

A Tier Tank Junglers 11.11

Amumu is the most beginner-friendly Jungler you can find and play to do well in the Jungle. Amumu is a tank, with a long-range engage tool, an AOE stun ultimate, and some aoe cleave damage for jungle camps. Amumu can either go Turbo Chemtank to engage easier or play Sunfire Aegis. Sunfire’s damage synergizes with his W’s aura damage, allowing Amumu to put out damage just by walking near opponents. Essentially, Amumu is rather plug in and play and is a great Tank Jungler for new players to play and do well on.

Xin Zhao has rocketed up the Jungle Tier List since his semi-recent AP rework. In Patch 11.6, Riot made it possible for Xin to use W to apply marks to his targets. With that now possible, Xin Zhao’s ganking is much more reliable, charging to distant marked targets. In addition, the mixed build paths make him very flexible. The main build is a Tank build with the Frostfire Gauntlet Mythic. The other build uses Eclipse to act as a Bruiser, bursting target with his Q / Hail of Brades synergy. Either way, Xin Zhao is an interesting Champion with a play and win rate getting a huge boost, since the changes.

B Tier Highlights

The B Tier of this Jungle Tier List belongs to the Junglers that are relatively balanced. The only issue with these Champions is that they are not outright broken in the current meta.  Some of the old school Junglers who once called the shots sit here as well as a few other weaker picks.

Hecarim recently dominated the meta for most of Season 11, despite this, Riot nerfed his tank gameplay, pigeonholing him into an AD build. For those familiar, Season 5 Hecarim was all about the bruiser zoomer build, and Riot is continuously aiming for his damage on AD builds. With that said, Hecarim has dropped from S+ to B Tier. He operates well as a damage dealer, getting in and out very quickly. However, there are many damage dealing Junglers better at the moment.

Lee Sin is one of those that used to be the best Junglers in the world. However, several nerfs over the years, and the new systems have him sidelined for now. Lee Sin still remains one of the frequent picks in Solo Queue, just for comfortability. However, if you really want to climb, look above for better picks. In fact, Lee Sin is currently a better Top lane than Jungler.

Kha’Zix is another one of those carry Junglers that are not quite as strong. Kha’Zix’s clear is not particularly great anymore, and his roaming isn’t the best. Kha’Zix also needs to get going early and carry if he wants to feel useful in any way. The only benefit is the new Dustblade of Drakthar Mythic that adds extra invisibility when he gets a kill.

Meanwhile, Rengar is in the exact same position. Rengar is another carry that needs to snowball to get going. Although, without smart ganks by jumping on targets by being in brushes, Rengar sort of walks at enemies, and the gap closing items like Stride Breaker or Turbo Chemtank don’t fit his playstyle. Eventually, Rengar can one-shot an ADC when he gets a few items. Still, unfortunately, that’s all he can realistically expect in the current metagame of Tank Supports, Bruisers and fast-moving Junglers.

C and D Tiers

Both C and D Tiers contains Champions that don’t belong in the jungle right now or are quite weak. Champions like Ivern are dedicated Support Junglers but don’t fit the metagame too well. Plus, they are hard to play and best avoided unless you’re a more skilled player. These are the only shallow reasons why Ivern is Ranked C in our Jungle Tier List.

The D Tiers like Pantheon and Sett are not designed for the Jungle but had opportunities to perform there recently. However, those picks are not too dependent anymore and fall essentially into an unclassified section, if you will. If you want to play them, you’re best going to the other positions they are good at.

Shyvana is another one in an awkward spot. The best build for Shyvana is an AP build, which makes her a one-button champion, only strong in her ultimate window. Really bad; please rework. 


This concludes our Jungle Tier List. We hope you got some decent insight into several of the more prominent and dominant picks on the current Patch. For those looking to get the most out of their Jungle picks, remember the game is all about quick clears, quick ganks. Ultimately, this is why most of the Champions at the top of the Jungle Tier List are there in the first place.

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