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League of Legends Support Tier List – LoL Patch 11.18

We go through and rank every support in a League of Legends Support Tier List.

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League of Legends’ Support role is one of the five roles in the game, which focuses on aiding every aspect of the team game. Support are typically healers, tanks, or other forms of CC and damage mixes. Furthermore, some of the Supports that people play nowadays are picks that were never meant to be Supports in the first place. With all that said, here is our League of Legends Support Tier List.

Rankings Methodology

  • S+ picks are the most meta defining picks in the current game.
  • S Tier Champions are the very good picks in Solo Queue, able to carry games through whatever element of their kit that makes them strong. Most of these picks are not meta reliant either and typically are always this strong if you can play them correctly.
  • A Tier picks are the slightly off-meta picks that are good, weaker versions of meta picks, or are slowly working their way into the metagame. Also, this tier introduces the best kill lane picks, where some Supports can even become carries in their own right. While it is not so ideal in the current meta because of the lack of gold generation, they can still impact rather well.
  • B Tier Champions are Supports that are niche in their build path or playstyles. Alternatively, some of the better unconventional Supports are designed to ‘cheese’ opponents throughout some annoying playstyle.
  • C Tier is the place that the weaker of the unconventional Supports sit. These champions are either trendy non-Support meta picks that have fallen off or lane bullies that don’t do much else later.

League of Legends Support Tier List

  • S+ Tier: Leona, Lulu, Thresh, Soraka.
  • S Tier: Amumu, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Janna, Morgana, Nautilus, Rakan, Senna, Sona.
  • A Tier: Bard, Brand, Braum, Mao’Kai, Nami, Yuumi, Zilean, Zyra.
  • B Tier: Ashe, Galio, Gragas, Lux, Pantheon, Pyke, Rell, Swain, Tahm Kench, Taric.
  • C Tier: Annie, Miss Fortune, Heimerdinger, Sett, Shen, Twitch, Vel’Koz, Xerath.

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Best LoL Supports in 11.18


The first one on the list is Alistar, who has an incredible CC chain through his point and click Headbutt into Pulverize combo. Furthermore, he has a bit of heal, and an additional auto-attack stun as combat progresses. Lastly, his ultimate reduces his damage taken by 70% while it is active, with the ability to clear any CC on him as he presses it. Genuinely one of the best Supports in the engage Support pool.


Amumu is a pick that has become a support ever since his recent stackable Bandage Toss change. He is now a menace of bot lane, able to do repeatable stuns on a locked-down target. Even if Amumu misses his first toss, he might have a second one. Of course, the change makes Amumu jungle even better, but it’s more than likely we may even see Amumu support at Worlds since he is currently destroying the bottom lane.


Blizcrank is the number one Support for winning the lane in one successful move. If you can land Blitzcrank’s Q and then follow it up with an E, you’ll either land yourself a kill or blow an enemies flash, which you can use to control the lane in your favour. Also, Blitzcrank is the best invade Support in the game. You can potentially steal a Junglers camp or kill them before the minions even spawn if you opt for that playstyle. Just don’t grip a fed Wukong into the heart of your team or something, as that might get you 9x reported or something.


Janna is another Support that can get you to climb Solo Queue very far if you get good with her. Her E places a shield on an allied target, granting them bonus AD too. Her E alone can win a trade, with the shield absorbing most of the damage, while her ADC does more damage through the AD steroid. Furthermore, Janna is very good at disengaging, and her AOE heal is not too bad in most team fight situations. Its reasons like this Janna is notorious for getting players to their desired elos, including a Challenger account in 2020. Janna also has various Mythic. She now gets more utility out of Imperial Mandate and other enchanter items, but Moonstone Renewer is still a popular item. This is enough reason alone to say why Janna is an S Tier Support in the LoL Support Tier List.


Leona is arguably the best of any aggressive and engage Tank Supports in the current meta. Firstly, she is the only one not to get nerfed slightly in the last few patches, allowing her to compete with Alistar and Thresh once again. Besides, her safe engage ultimate ability makes it easy to communicate team fights, which can also lock down key targets at a distance. She is straightforward to play, which allows her to be a pick for any skill level. Overall, an amazing Support in the meta and in casual and Solo Queue.


Lulu is one of the most reliable Enchanters in the game. She has nice poke, peeling, a Polymorph CC, Slows, and an ult that gives her target bonus health, Size and knocks up those around them. Furthermore, her poke can single-handedly win lanes, while her CC and peeling stop her from losing it. Not to mention her allies attack speed boost is great for those Kraken slaying Marksmen out there.


Nautilus has regained some of his priority has an engage tank Support. The recent nerfs to Thresh and Rell have taken them out of top priority, and the blend of these tank Supports feel rather balanced. Considering the meta is still tank support orientated, all of the meta tank supports are equally dominant and viable.


Thresh has surfaced as one the best Support in Solo Queue and in pro play for his Lantern. With how many tools there is for diving at fast speeds, Thresh is a great counter to this popular playstyle. His Lantern can get key targets away from meta Junglers and Supports in time before they get CC chained. In addition, if they are on top of his carries, a Hook and Flay are decent CC tools to peel for them. His early game is slightly weaker with back-to-back nerfs, reducing his Lantern’s shield and lengthening his flay cooldown early. Despite this, Thresh still works well and has done throughout 2021.


Soraka’s very recent 11.18 change has broken her completely. Her ultimate now removed grievous wounds before applying her heal to the target. The strength of her ultimate was lowered to compensate, but it seems the healing scales so much better now. Riot said they will nerf her in 11.19 to control her power level before Worlds, but it might be too late.


Sona is one of the cheekiest solo queue Supports available on the Support tier list. The reason why is because her spam of shields and heals are amazing. Her movement speed bonus is great too. Both of these scales well with Moonstone Renewer and the Shurelyas mythic items. She has some downsides to hard CC and being really squashy, but if you can play well she is a real elo inflator.


Rakan is one of the slightly less favoured meta picks at the moment, but it is certainly powerful. His point and click dive knock up is great, with the ability to run around taunting people in his ultimate. If he ever needs to escape, he has his W, sending him back to a safer ally’s position. The other selling point is that other tanky supports are consistently getting nerfed, so it is by default gives him some more value.


While Senna is not exactly a Support, her current playstyle opts her for a Support starting item, with her laner taking the farm. From there, she maxes out her Support item and then begins farming to generate items to become an ADC. The only issue with this playstyle is that she is rather difficult to get going, requiring significant communication to make it work. If you can get it going, enjoy the hybrid support and ADC lifestyle.


This concludes our Support Tier List. We hope you enjoyed our analysis on the strongest Supports in the game at the moment. Along with a few highlights on some of the more popular, less performing picks. Please note that just because a Champion is not considered a Support on this Support Tier List doesn’t mean you can’t play them. There are old classics like Fiddlesticks Support not here. Likewise, pro teams have managed to pull off things like Wukong Support in the past. The world is your oyster.

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