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Rainbow Six Extraction Tier List: Best Operators to play

Here is WePC's Rainbow Six Extraction tier list

Updated: Jan 21, 2022 6:12 pm
Rainbow Six Extraction Tier List: Best Operators to play

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Rainbow Six Extraction is a game that requires tactics, skill, and the right operator choice to take down its difficult, with deliberate stealth tactics backend into the game. Since you can’t go into the game all guns blazing and expect to wipe out entire hordes upon hordes of mutated enemies, you need tactics to win. With that in mind, it appears that the game requires you to think more about your approach to the game. Due to this, it is clear certain Operators are better at the task than others.

In this article, we will go through a Rainbow SIx Extraction Operator tier list. The purpose of this article is ideal to rank based on the overall effectiveness of the Operators, paying attention to two factors we are using to access the Operators. The two factors are progression and situational usage.

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Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Due to the way the game works, you will find many situations where these Operators are useful, especially since you can pick an Operator around the objectives you get. Plus, since the game actively punishes you for taking damage through the healing and inactive mechanic, it means Operators good for progression are also solid. Take these factors as we rate this Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list. Below you will find our table that reflects these factors the most. 

SAlibi, Doc, Finka
AVigil, Pulse, Lion, Smoke, Rook, Gridlock, Tachanka
BFuze, Hibana, Capitao, Ela, Jager
CSledge, Nomad
Here are WePC’s rankings for the Rainbow Six Extraction tier list.

The S Tier of this Rainbow Six Extraction tier list is primarily based on progression and overall effectiveness. Meanwhile, the A Tier is primarily based on usefulness or effectiveness in certain objectives. This can be anything related to stealth, tracking, or controlling enemies in situations. Meanwhile, the B tier are picks that work but have obvious drawbacks, or their situation is limited. Lastly, the C and D tiers have even more limited situations where they become viable or generally worse than other characters.

Note, you will want to take a mixture of S, A and even B tier operators to make a well-rounded comp, as the three S tiers together have weaknesses that someone in the A and B tier will complement much better.

The Best Rainbow Six Extraction Operators

Doc is incredibly useful and the highest rated in the Rainbow Six Extraction tier list is thanks to his actual healing mechanic granting base health. By level 10, this goes up to 30, and you get 5, meaning you can grind to your heart’s content and not worry about the injured Operator status that slows a character’s progress. This Operator allows you to cheese the game’s most annoying mechanic and provide all the needed utility to take any challenge in the game. The only way this character drops down the Rainbow Six Extraction tier list is if you and your team are good enough to minimize incoming damage.

Next on the list is Alibi. Alibi is incredible for progression in the game and makes an effective tank character. Her Decoys can last a considerable while, taking the aggro from your and your squad when it all goes wrong. These decoys can prove life-saving, not to mention they work well for any objective that results in hordes of mutants running at you. All in all, Alibi will be reliable in every mission you go on.

Like Doc, Finka gets a spot on the S tier of this Rainbow SIx Extraction tier list because of her temporary health and stat boost. The temporary health can be used when you know you need extra health to shield your allies. Also, her ability offers a team-wide revive without needing to manually get them back up. All in all, she is easily one of the best Rainbow Six Extraction Operators because of her reliability in all situations and her effectiveness for progressing through the advancement levels.

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The A Tier

As mentioned above, the A Tier of the Rainbow Six Extraction is all about controlling, setting up tactics, or clearing things in case of an emergency.

For taking out enemies when it hits the fans, the [-]7 lord Tachanaka himself is great. Set up that turret on the bomb objectives or the camera scanning and mow down hordes of mutants on the LMG. Perhaps you need stealth on the nest tagging objective. Send in Vigil, use that zone and get deep into enemy territory without them knowing any better.

As for other horde clearers, both Smoke and Gridlock are great, especially in areas where you can control the flow of baddies. Smoke will poison and kill enemy mutants in certain areas thanks to his canisters. Meanwhile, Gridlocks slowing traps will deal damage to enemies that pass over them. Both work in those situations very well, and the option here is literally which character’s style works better for you, including their weapon options.

Perhaps you need scouting before you make a decision on which drones are not helpful or not great for your build. Take Pulse or Lion instead. Lion will pick up enemies near in his vicinity, while Pulse can detect heartbeats while tracking any human or mutant heartbeat at the same time. It simply is a matter of taste or slight tactical difference. These two Operators are obviously the best Rainbow Six Extraction Operators for that type of content.

Rook is unique in this section. The reason why is because this character provides his team with body armor, which grants an extra down but is not out for progression. However, it seems like this pick is not that great unless you’re going into the end game mode and need that extra bit of cheese to keep you going. But, that utility cannot be understated if you find one more chance is all you need to beat back the mission.

The B Tier

The B Tier of the Rainbow SIx Extraction tier list seems like characters that are slight downgrades to the A tier picks. Jager is a decent pick for making sure you don’t get messed up by some of the Parasitic Mutator features, and the turret is nice too. However, it seems somewhat worse than Smoke or Gridlock. Maybe if you get veteran mode and don’t want to be friendly fire Jager may feel better.

Meanwhile, Capitao’s smoke doesn’t feel too good, but the poison arrows on his kit is great. I guess this one is a personal choice whether or not he is a B or A tier pick. But for us, it feels like a B tier since the gunplay is fairly similar to Gridlock in that respect. Also, the setup Fuze requires means he has a much higher skill set up to utilize, whereas characters like Tachanka is much more plug-in and play.

As for Ela, she too seems like a weird pick when you consider her Grzmots stun require s single charge. If you need CC in a wide area, Gridlock wins in that department. However, Ela is available at level one, whereas Gridlock is a big grind. So, Ela may climb the ranking for that reason if that is something that you personally value.

Lastly, we have Hibana. Her role as a hard breacher is not that great in Extraction, as you don’t really have to breach. Instead, her utility is great for creating kill holes through reinforced structures in certain objectives where that is useful. In addition, you can use her pellets as a way of chunking down any elite Archaeans since they tend to have higher armor levels. She’s something to consider in higher-level difficulties for sure, but her general efficiency is not that well-conceived, especially early on. For this reason, she may become one of the best Operators in Rainbow SIx Extraction, but it’s very hard to realize her potential until we get more accustomed to the end game.

The C and D Tier

The C Tier is what we deem to be the fun lineup but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are useful. For example, Sledge is the epitome of that. Blow up walls with your hammer and stun your enemies with meaty swings. Not to mention the charged arc swing makes for some hilarious gameplay. This character’s primary role is somewhat to take the aggro and wide swing and clear hordes. Not to mention battle the elites with his heavy-hitting hammer. But that is a dangerous game. Sledge will likely spend most of his time in the injured status.

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On the other hand, Nomad seems like the weakest control Operator, which comes very late into the game. Nomad’s trick is to launch enemies away using her Airjab mines. It is good for control flanks, but tits the same job Ela does just as well and much more accessible to play.

Lastly, we have IQ. IQ’s role in Siege is niche, never mind when the Mutants don’t even use electronics. Her only role is for scouring field equipment on the map, and a few other human tech pieces here and there. She really is not that useful, hence the reason she is dumped at the bottom of the Rainbow SIx Extraction tier list.

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